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Horsekeeping LLC ® Policies

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We have many regular satisfied international customers. Read their feedback.


We will not ship to an Unconfirmed PayPal address.

We do not ship to Italy or France.

International Orders are generally shipped by USPS - The United States Postal Service. Be sure to provide a postal delivery address.

We will only ship to a
Confirmed Billing address.

Due to the increase in credit card fraud and the inability of payment processors to identify fraud in a timely fashion, we can no longer ship to a different address than your confirmed billing address.

What this means is that when you place an order with us at Horsekeeping LLC, both the billing and shipping address must show the name, street address, city, state and zip code that is on file with your credit card company or PayPal. Your order will be sent to your Confirmed Billing Address. We will not ship to an Unconfirmed PayPal address.

This change is due to the fact that PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover will not protect a merchant who ships to an address other than a confirmed billing address. But did you know that you can have multiple confirmed addresses (such as your home, work place) associated with your credit card or PayPal accounts? Contact your credit card, bank or PayPal to go through the verification process for adding more confirmed addresses to your account. We know this change could cause some inconveniences with a few of our customers but there are always solutions.

  • You want us to ship to a work address which is different than your home billing address.

    Solution - add your work address to your credit card or PayPal account before you place your order. Then use that new confirmed address both as the billing and shipping address when you place your order.

  • You want to send a gift.

    Solution - Plan a little further ahead. We will ship the order to you and you can deliver it to your gift recipient.

  • You are placing an international order and the address verification process doesn't seem to be working.

    Solution - Use PayPal – that seems to work better with many international orders.

Usually we ship via Priority Mail International with insurance and tracking and that is what our shopping cart shipping costs are based on. Delivery time varies but Priority delivery is estimated at 7-14 business days, depending mainly on your country's customs regulations and procedures.

You can request First Class Package International which will cost less and take longer to arrive (4-6 weeks). When placing your order, write us this note in the note box on the order form "Downgrade to First Class" and we will refund the excess shipping.

Dooney & Bourke handbags are shipping via Priority Mail International with tracking and insurance. Once you have ordered and paid for a Dooney, the actual shipping cost will be added onto your transaction. This will vary depending on the weight, value and country.

If you don't receive your package within the estimated times, check with your local post office and local customs office as they could be holding your package for payment of duties (see more about duties below.) Once the package arrives in your country, our obligation is completed. We have no information or knowledge about your postal system - the responsibility is yours to find out how to receive your package once it has arrived in your country. We appreciate hearing when you receive your package so we have realistic estimates to tell our other customers in your country.

Our shopping cart's figure for international shipping is an estimate. Your actual charge will depend on your country, the weight of the parcel, the size of the box required, the value of your items, the cost of insurance and so on. That's why the shopping cart might charge you too much, too little or the correct amount. We will promptly refund any excess shipping charged by the cart. If additional shipping costs are due, that amount will be automatically added to your credit card as a reference transaction. If you have paid by PayPal, we will send you a request for payment.

When placing an international order, if you select USA shipping in error, by placing the order you authorize us to charge the correct international shipping cost which will be added as an auxiliary transaction to your original form of payment.

Know the import rules of your country. Any import fees, taxes, tariffs, duties or handling charges on your end are entirely your responsibility to pay. If you choose to not pay the customs fees when your package arrives, eventually the shipment will be returned to us.

For your protection and ours, we insure packages for their full value and customs forms are automatically filled out at that same figure. We are a retail business so are required to mark customs forms as Merchandise. By law, we cannot mark packages as "Gift". Do not ask us to do so.

If you want to upgrade an international order to Express International please note that delivery times vary by country. Express upgrades depend on weight, size and value and start at $50.

Shipping - USA  |  Shipping Upgrades   |  Exchanges and Returns |   Repairs

We reserve the right to revise our policies at any time.

Revised October 17, 2018

Thank you,

Paula, Manager
Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh
Horsekeeping LLC

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Shipping - USA  |  Shipping Upgrades   |  Exchanges and Returns |   Repairs


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