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Chronology: Click here for a complete list of books and videos by Cherry Hill.

May, 2010Began Horsekeeping Blog.
Began Native American Jewelry Tips Blog.
March, 2009Translated into German: How to Think Like A Horse - So tickt Ihr Pferd
Publisher: Muller Ruschlikon Verlag
February, 2009Translated into Polish: 101 Arena Exercises - 101 Cwiczen Na Ujezdzalni
Dla Konia I Jezdzca; Publisher: Galaktyka
February, 2009Video Viewer added to Visitors can now watch selected clips from our videos without leaving our website.
January, 2009Press Release: Horse Hoof Care book released January 10, 2009
"A horse’s hooves are his foundation. Without proper hoof care, an otherwise well-groomed, good-natured horse can become lethargic, sullen, resentful and even lame..."
May, 2008Horseman's Yankee Pedlar - Review of Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac
"Never before have horse care guidelines been so easy to follow.."
April, 2008Horse & Rider - Review of Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac
"Prayer answered."
April, 2008Horse & Rider - Part Two of Build the Barn You Need with Cherry Hill
March, 2008The American Quarter Horse Journal - Review of Equipping Your Horse Farm.
"...this book could potentially save you thousands of dollars..."
March, 2008RFD-TV The Magazine - Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac featured on pages 16-17 The Year in Horsekeeping 2008
March, 2008 Horse & Rider Magazine - March/April 2008 - Cherry Hill is consultant on the two-part article "Building the Barn You Need"
March, 2008Western Horseman - Review of Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac - Western Horsemanship Notebook page 46. "...eye-pleasing design make the volume an enjoyable read."
January 5, 2008Denver Post - Review Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac
"Good horsekeeping seal of approval."
January 1, 2008Cherry Hill to speak February 6, 2008 at the annual meeting of the Boulder County Horse Association in Boulder, Colorado.
November 2007Horse & Rider - 20 Ride-Better Tips That Work! with Charlie Cole, Julie Goodnight, Van Hargis, Clint Haverty, Cherry Hill, and Christy Wood.
October 27, 2007News Story: The Midnight Bear as it appeared in The North Forty News
September 27, 2007Press Release: Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac
May 16, 2007 Press Release: Your Horse Barn, Planning, Designing, Building - DVD

May 2007

Translated Into Dutch:  How to Think Like a Horse -Denken ALS EEN Paard Het handbook om te begrijpen waarom paarden doen wat ze doen by Forte Publishing
March 2007 Western Horseman Review of Equipping Your Horse Farm
March 2007 Horse & Rider - Review of How to Think Like a Horse

December 2006

New DVD: The Horse - El Caballo, A Journey for Kids
April 2006Press Release: 101 Horsekeeping Tips - DVD
January 9, 2006Horsekeeping® Granted Registered Trademark: Cherry Hill and Horsekeeping® Books and Videos Obtain Registered Trademarks for the term "Horsekeeping "
July 2004

 Press Release:  101 Horsekeeping Tips - VHS 3-video set

May 31, 2000 Press Release: Top Hand Award again presented to Cherry Hill by Colorado Authors' League
February 10, 2000Press Release: Cherry Hill releases five new books in 1999.
May 23, 1996Press Release: Top Hand Award presented to Cherry Hill by Colorado Authors' League
July 21, 1995Press Release: Cherry Hill releases two new books: Horse For Sale and 101 Arena Exercises


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