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Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation
    Paula's Vintage Dooney & Bourke Blog

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation

from Our Customers and Readers
" Received the bracelet yesterday. Fast shipping, great bracelet!" - JQ
"Just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived safely, is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for your help in getting this work of art to its new home (and for setting it to EST). :)" - JR
"I received my beautiful ring today I finally have my set complete I already have the cuff bracelet I would like to say Thank you I love it." - Alicia
"The package with the watch tips arrived today. Thank you so much, they look really nice, and will look great on the watch." - Andrew
"My shipment arrived this week in good condition. I am contacting you because I have done so in the past as a courtesy because you take great care and are shipping from a remote location. Thanks for your help." - Mary
"I wanted to let you know that I received my necklace =) It really is perfect and exactly what I was looking for! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website AND that I managed to save it in a way that I could re-find you! I am so happy with this purchase, and I'm so glad that this particular collar necklace was still being made when I finally got ready to place my order. I'm so glad you guys are around and I look forward to my next purchase!" - Bridget
"I love my necklace! Itís so pretty and I am going to love wearing it all the time, Thanks for shipping it to me so quickly." - Elizabeth
"Everything arrived nicely,,,the Amber beads are beautiful." - James
"Belt received!!! Really beautiful as advertised. Thank you. My dad will love it." - Scott
"Just wanted to send a quick note to say I received the vintage navajo pearls yesterday and they are as beautiful as I hoped. They are a perfect silver anniversary gift! Thanks again for your help and for your excellent website. Iíll definitely be back for more jewelry in the future!" - Chad
"I just received the Patrick and Laura Lincoln inlay bracelet. Itís absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Thank you!!!" - Lahn
"I received my rings today and absolutely LOVE them, thank you so much. I am very excited to have come across your website. It's so wonderful!" - K S
"The cuff just arrived, and I love it!" - Lisa
"You have a beautiful website and lots of happy customer recommendations! Thank you for the details and information about my different pieces and your careful assessment. I appreciate doing business with you. It gives me pleasure to think you may find someone who will enjoy my momís jewelry again. I also appreciate your thoughtfulness throughout the process!" - AB
"Wow! My necklace is so pretty! ?? Love it." - Marilyn
"My treasures have arrived, beautifully packaged and ready to wear -- many thanks!" - MK
"I received my order yesterday, and I just wanted to mentionóseems minor, but ďtabbingĒ the tape is really good thingóI do order carvings from some other places, and Iíd like to mention to them that it is very helpful, especially if the tape is old. I believe your site is the only place Iíve seen this treatment." - Marne
"I received the 2 bracelets and necklace yesterday. Everything was in perfect shape and absolutely beautiful ! The necklace far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your suggestion on that piece!" - Ann Marie
"Received bracelet today. Extremely pleased with quality and prompt shipping. Very impressed with your site." - Robert
"Received. Awesome. Thanks for help. Interesting - for the first time the post office even let me know package had been delivered. Of course today's delivery was done by the best rural person we have óso glad. Iíll return for more." - Sally
"Thank you so much. As with all your jewelry, I will certainly enjoy these bracelets." - Carla
"Everything arrived today in perfect condition. And, so many books are autographed!! The Dads and Daughters will be thrilled to receive them. Thank you so much for expediting my order, catching my miss of the English Riding Western books, and packing all of the books with such care for shipping." - CG
"I received the ďHopi styleĒ bracelet today. It fits and I wonít be returning it! I like the fact that the etched layer not ďperfectĒ, like a laser cut. This one appears to be cut by hand (and itís hefty), so it has character. Thank-you for the good deal on a vintage piece." - Kurt
"Just wanted to let you know that my package arrived today. It was like Christmas morning early. What treasures !! All packed perfectly, as always. I so appreciate the great quality of your merchandise and the sale items were really a wonderful idea. I was able to get some beautiful things." - Pauline
" I received my package today! Thank You! I LOVE every piece!!!! The necklace is spectacular! I had no idea it would be as big as it is, and I LOVE it! Thank you for all that you do!" - Cindy
"I am thrilled to say that I received my order today of my turquoise ring (size 2) and Zuni bracelet. I love your website and the fact that you are rescuing these pieces of art from being melted and destroyed. Thank you so much for fulfilling and getting my order to me so quickly. I look forward to visiting your website again in the future." - G. N.
"Just got the bears!! Thank you so much. Love them both!! And LOVE the blue one!!" - JM
"I really appreciate the info you provide on each piece: provenance, artist, condition,properties of the stone, etc. I print them out and someday my granddaughter will have a better understanding of the jewelry that will pass down to her. This is the 2nd Bennie Ration pendant I've bought from you." - Elisa
" I wanted to let you know how much I love my hat band! It is great craftsmanship." - John
"I received my bracelet It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!?? I have earrings that I got from yíall That matchesÖÖ. Thank you." - JoAnn
"Thank you so much. You have been such a blessing and so helpful. In a day when customer service hardly exists anymore, you have proved it STILL does!) *I hope your company knows what an *amazing* Manager, that they have in you!"- T P
"Thank you so much, this bear is beautiful and i'm really happy w this purchase. I appreciate the fast shipping too. Im happy to have found your site. You have a few more bears Id love to own, ..hopefully one day .. thanks again." - Emily
"I received your check today. Thank you so much for buying the jewelry. I'm hoping it finds new homes and people that will enjoy its history. It was a pleasure working with you, and I especially appreciate your interest in the pieces and the information you shared with me." - KM
"I received the beautiful squash blossom necklace today. Even more beautiful in person. Thank you for packaging the necklace in a discreet and secure fashion. Can't wait to wear it." - Sheila
"Received the braceletÖ. Gorgeous just like the other oneÖ.. and fortunately fits!! Thank you so much for your OUTSTANDING Customer Service!!! Appreciate Everything!: - Leonard
"Thank you for sending the cuff. I received it today. And Love it. I have some other Tsinnie pieces and just love the workmanship and weight of his pieces." - LOM
"I received my Lakota Dance stick. It's beautiful and thank you for including the certificate of authenticity! I also had bought the Raven Spirit Keeper doll around a year or so ago and love her as well! Thank you so much for making these available to art lovers like me!" - Deb
"horse totem safely received!! Love it, thanks!" - Connie
" My cuff was delivered today! I love it! Thanks for the fast shipping too." - Janis
" My necklace/earring set came last evening! It's beautiful-your pictures seem to be so accurate!" - Sallie
"The two cuffs I ordered while you were on vacation arrived safely and I love them! Thank you so much." - Elaine
"Just wanted to let you know I received my order today & all the pieces are stunning! Iíll be back to shop again soon." - Gina
"I just wanted to tell you how much I love this pin. Nice to have the option to wear it as a pendant, but I find I prefer it as a pin. Either way it is a splendid piece." - Elisa
"I got the vintage turquoise necklace yesterday and an simply delighted. Its color, weight, length and style match one I lost some years ago. Thank you for your prompt replies to my questions, along with careful processing and mailing of the piece to me. Iíll treasure it. Looking forward to returning often to your website to see your updated selection." - Natalie
"Just received my [Turquoise necklace and earrings set] necklace. Itís more than I expected!" - CC
"I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service. I just received the two items [pipe picks] that were shipped on Monday and both products are exceptional and great quality. Thank you again." - RG
"I just got the bolo... and I love it ?? thanks so much, it really is a beautiful unique piece and I can't wait to wear it." - DP
"My necklace is absolutely stunning! A real treasure that I will enjoy for years Thank you! The green turquoise stones are gorgeous. " - Gina
"OH * MY * GOODNESS!! This set is amazing! I totally agree with you- the turquoise has such character and the silverwork! I couldnít see the intricate detail online. This is truly a unique work of art! Really special and Iím so thrilled to add this [squash blossom necklace set] to my collection. Instantly my favorite. Thanks so much for working with me!" - Pat
"From My Heart to Every Soul Whose Hands Touched and Contributed to My Putting this Most Beautiful [heishi] Necklace On, Thank You. I am deeply touched by this Work of Art, that I feel Fortunate to Enjoy. Beautiful and Special, I am Touched, Deeply." - NK
"The package arrived 2 days ago. Thank you so much for your follow up and great customer service!" - Bob B.
"I mailed the money order for the bear pendant and chains yesterday, and while at the Post Office I picked up the bolo tie and belt buckle. They look great! Thank you for the great service." - Byron
"The reason I purchased that from you is because like I said before, I sold Native American jewelry (including tons of old pawn) for Armand & Tanya Ortega in Death Valley and know very well that it is definitely a "buyer beware" industry. After doing quite an extensive search on your company, not only could I not find one single negative thing about Horsekeeping, LLC anywhere, but quite the contrary. I could find nothing but glowing reports/reviews everywhere. That is hard to find these days and something you should be very proud of! I plan on adding to that list of good reviews. Thank you again for your time. It has been a sincere pleasure doing business with you!" - DS
"BTW, thanks for all the detail you post on your site about specific pieces. You go above and beyond what others have." - Rainer
"So I was interested in carinated cuffs... horsekeeping had some. I was interested in a squash with big fat beads... horsekeeping had some. I was interested in a mop cuff... guess who had one? Best of all: THESE THREE BEAUTIES ARRIVED IN JUST TWO DAYS! Three cheers for horsekeeping's varied and wondrous offerings, AND to the USPS for surprising me with an early delivery!" - Happy Customer
"I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the [baby] bracelet is! I really appreciate everything and it is perfect for a baby girl names Sienna!" - Ginger
"I received my barrettes today and the are even better than my hopes. Beautiful beadwork and stitching. Many thanks. Iíll order more!" - Jill
"Allow me to brag about you for a moment. Native American culture and art have been of interest to me since my college days. My kids as well as myself admire and appreciate the jewelry and carvings created by native artist. I have visited many museums and am always amazed at the skill required to create items I have seen. I lucked upon you web site a couple of years ago and purchased a bear claw cuff by Elaine Sam. That by the way is a marvelous piece. Since then, I frequent your site just to see what is there. Recently I have purchased several items for my daughter and myself.

Now to the point. I have searched many such sites on the web. Your selection of genuine and outstanding pieces in all categories is by far the best. In addition, you have posted a wealth of knowledge pertaining to things native American. I have enjoyed reading many of them. In fact, most of them. Your web site has been recommended to many as one that can be trusted." - David

"Letting you know that I have both items [vintage pendant and bracelet]. Received in excellent condition. Both are excellent pieces of work." - DB
"I just received the [squash blossom] necklace. WOW! Itís absolutely perfect. I appreciate all your communication along the way and for the expert packaging." - Laura
"I just recieved my order today and everything is fantastic. Just what i expected and more. I will be placeing more orders soon." - Brian
"I just received my Beautiful Turquoise Pendant I love it !!" - RL
"HELLO, I received this lovely [Dooney & Bourke] purse today. I am so pleased, it's like brand new. Thanks for shipping it so fast. I'm excited to get the taupe Essex too. I'm so happy I found your website, you offer so many different unique things, I love Indian Jewelry too, turquoise. I'm sure I'll be ordering more." Tammy
"I love this Essex purse, it is in great condition too. I'm so excited to use it." - Tammy
"I just received the bracelet and Iím super pleased with it, itís a good one. Size is good too. Iíll be looking out for more pieces on your site." - Nick
"I received both [pawn earrings and big bracelet] they are BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS ?? - JoAnn
"I received the beautiful bracelet cuff today. I am absolutely thrilled with it." - , Kris
"I have just received the package [vintage side mount watch cuff] . Very happy with it. Thank you for so fast shipping." - Jacqueline
"Oh my God!!!! I love each piece I am so honored and I feel the prayers that went into that beautiful necklace?" - J. G.
"My Zephier watch arrived safe and sound. It looks great and fits perfectly. I suspect there are few of this type of watch band available. It is unlike any other I have seen, and I check them out periodically." - Richard
"The pipe stem and bowl arrived safely today. I couldnít be more satisfied. Very happy that Alan Monroe signed the bowl. It is gorgeous." - JP
"I want to thank Horsekeeping.com for the amazing ponytail barrettes I have bought over the past couple of months. I love them all, such a fabulous unique selection that is rocking my world." - DD
"I received my package today and am so pleased with my new ZuŮi fetish carvings. Most carving sellers don't post as many photos of each carving as you do, but even so, the Eriacho bears and the Haloo owl are all "better than depicted"! You have such a wonderful selection of fine quality creations. I'll be browsing again!" - Karen
"My bears arrived yesterday afternoon - they are perfect! Lots of happy energy flows from them. Thanks for the larger box and great packing job! Kudos to the mail guy." - KP
"The ring arrived in great shape, and I wore it all day. Thank you so much. I applaud your efforts to save artworks from the smelter." - John
" Just opened your package [California White Sage] (my cat let me know it was on the porch) and everything looks fine. I appreciate your keeping me apprised of your delivery practices and follow-up, and will keep you in mind for future shopping needs." - Sarah
"This fabulous set [Mexican sterling silver Necklace and bracelet]arrived safe and sound. Thanks very much." - Cynthia
"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order in the mail yesterday! The necklace is absolutely beautiful and even better than I expected!" - Melissa
"Thank you for all your prompt responses and making everything so easy. Your instructions [for selling jewelry] were so simple to follow and you are a pleasure to do business with!" - Lorna
"Received my shipment and very pleased. Thanks as always for great customer service and excellent quality items." - Pauline
" I just got the pendant/necklace by Chris Nieto. 2 days via usps!!! It is fabulous! Your photos were excellent. It looks just as I expected. I am delighted w the piece & also the price!" - Diane P.S.- Iíll be a return customer.
"Received my trade pipe. Very satisfied and thank you." - DR
"I received the pipe and it's beautiful. I love it." - Dave
"I received the Najas [pendants] yesterday. They were in perfect condition, Thank you. Look forward to doing more business with yíall." - Mateo
"I got the ring this morning. It is incredible, even more stunning than your website presented. I'm totally in love. I will leave you a 5 star review." - Cynthia
"My bear fetish arrived safely today. He fits perfectly in my hand and I donít want to put him down. Thank you for another GREAT transaction." - Sally
"I got my Beautiful necklace Tuquoise two strands Absolutely Love it!!!!!" - JG
"It is with great pleasure that I may inform you of my receiving this AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL CHIEFS PIPE BY ALLEN MONROE !!! You were absolutely right, this pipe is stronger than I ever imagined! It is a really POWERFUL PIPE! I have never even seen a pipe this large before! I just wanted to let you know that it arrived a mere 30 mins ago and is in perfect condition! Thank you so much for all your attention to everything, from correcting my address to packaging & shipping and for making Allens pipes available. I am completely blown away!" - Stephen
" The [Dooney & Bourke] fob arrived today, in record time. Thanks! Itís a nice addition to my kelly green collection." - Kay
"It [sterling silver bead 5mm necklace extender] got here today and thank you! Some of the most thoughtful packaging I've seen yet and much appreciated!" - B.E.
"Just received my [Bennie Ration Navajo] bolo----It's FANTASTIC !!! Thanks again for your time and consideration!" - Dan
"Arrived on time for 70th birthday that is tomorrow! My husband worked on a Native American reservation as a recreational specialist 50 years ago with a Lakota Sioux tribe in Nebraska. The pipe will be especially special to him! And he is going to love the cuff bracelet!" - Esther
"I received my Beautiful Carlene Leekeetiís bird squash blossom and earrings and I love it! Itís beautiful and comfortable! Iíd love to give a review but canít find where. Thank you so much for the fast shipping too!" - Stacy
"Just wanted to let you know I have received the [Mary and Ken Bill Navajo] bracelet today, itís awesome!" - KB
"I just received my complete order [ear cuff]. Thankyou and it is beautiful! Karen
"Just wanted to let you know that the [copper twist]bracelet was delivered today. Itís great and fits well. I will be ordering the silver version in the very near future." - Karl
"The [copper twist] bracelet arrived, and I am pleased with the quality, and speed of shipping." - Michael
"I received my bracelet. Thank you! It is just beautiful and the packaging and care was just wonderful." - Arlene
"We received the [Jeffrey Nelson Sterling Silver Graduated Stamped Bead]necklace today in good condition. We like it very much, thank you." - W
"I received the horse pendant by Harley Paquin; I love it! I put it on a heavier diameter omega chain of my own; the small one I ordered I actually can use on something else." - elizabeth
"My [twist] bracelet arrived today!!! I LOVE it!!! Perfect fit!" - T.P.
"I ordered these earrings a couple of years ago and lost one of them back in November. Iíve really missed them! I wear them all the time. Theyíre my go-to earrings! Glad you still have them. Also, loving loving loving all of my bracelets! Wearing the concho now. These are the only bracelets I wear anymore. Lots and lots of compliments!!" - DK
"I just wanted to let you know the pin and earrings arrived quickly. Thank you for doing such a great job in packaging them and honoring their artist. Iím honored to have these Native American pieces." - Kathy
"I received the package and I am very pleased with it. The ring is perfect, I love it! The packaging was great." - A.D.
"Received my Flower Choker and Extender. Beautiful!!! Exactly as described! Perfect length with the extender! Thank You!!!" - CP
"I received my bolo tie today. Thank you for the excellent service. I am sure I will be making more purchases from you in the future.." - Byron
"I received the second mailed of the three [vintage] bracelets today. My daughter is going to love this multiple stone Mexican bracelet." - JC
"I received both of my feathers today Dec 31st thank you that was a quick delivery." - RH
"Wanted to let you know I received my earrings and they are Wonderful!!!! - Cindy
"Received my bracelet today and I am absolutely thrilled with it!! Again tons of thanks for your help while I motored thru that process, you were more than kind and patient." - Jackie
"I received my order [No-Face Doll] and it is in perfect condition and it's beautiful. We have a nice collection of Native American art. This will be one of the nicest." - Glen
"I received the [catlinite pipe] package about an hour ago, and opened it to inspect the bowl and stem. They are beautiful!" - John
"Yesterday, received the bracelet, ring and fetish necklace. Wonderful packing job, by the way. Love all the items, especially the necklace. So thankful that you and Horsekeeping continue your mission to find homes for these beautiful pieces." - Karen
"I got my necklace set And it's GORGEOUS!!!" - JoAnn
"Delivery confirmation was verified through USPS but the order has not been delivered. I will plan to follow up with USPS after the 24 hour waiting period. Any advice in the meantime is appreciated.

A friendly neighbor dropped the package off to me this morning. Apparently it was misdelivered. Everything looks great! Thank you for the quick response and have a wonderful holiday." -

"Oh, I know, I keep reviewing the pictures online and am so excited to see it in person. Was comparing it to an old fetish necklace I purchased in the '80s in Albuquerque, and the one you are sending has so much more detail!! Thanks for the timely updates and your service with a smile." - Karen
"Neckless [Ramona Bird Santo Domingo 25 Strand] arrived today and looks wonderful." - RD
"LOVE my new pieces [vintage Navajo sterling silver Lapis Lazuli Bear Bracelet, 4-Strand Lapis Lazuli necklace]! Many thanks for providing great quality jewelry at great prices, and with great info and shipping! :-) - MK
"I received my order yesterday [Whitehawk doll]. So beautiful, what a lovely piece of art to add to my collection." - W.D.
"Received my goodies And LOVE THEM!!!! - JG
"The [inlay] ring arrived a day or two ago. It is beautiful. Thanks for the prompt shipping." - RS
"Just wanted to say that my order [vintage three strand bird fetish necklace]arrived and it is stunning! Thank you so much!" - P.T.
"I am very happy with the [baby] bracelet - it's just what I was looking for. Thank you!" - Sara
"Paula, pipe arrived today. Everything was safe and well packed can't wait to try it once I learn a little more. Thanks for your efforts." - Jim
"Received the rings this morning, and they are even prettier than the pictures. Thank you for going above and beyond to get the package to me." - Karen
"My fox fetish necklace, My Buffalo fetish My Turquoise necklace And my bear claw gift Loved them all !!!!" JoAnn
"I want to take a minute and thank you for your excellent customer service and to Horsekeeping for offering such beautiful items for sale. Description of products are detailed and are a great value, fairly priced. They are always packed carefully and I have been just thrilled with everything Iíve purchased from you." - MC
"I received today the small pipe, in good repair. Thanks a lot" - Dominique

"My order arrived today and everything was beautifully, carefully packaged, and my four new cuffs are EVEN MORE GORGEOUS THAN IN THE PHOTOS ONLINE. I am a very thrilled customer! Thanks for your great products and great service." - Marjie
"I received my feather today. thank you for the quick service.As a past customer of yours,you have always provided great customer service.keep up that great service??" - Ruben
"Thank you for the beautiful [Dooney & Bourke] bag! Ever since I was little, I saw my aunt had this bag and was determined to get it (or perhaps inherit it! Sadly my aunt loves it so much, she couldn't let go of her bag.). I'm so happy I did! It's in beautiful, and pristine condition! I hope to buy another beautiful bag from you soon!" - Yvonne
"My bracelets arrived today and are EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL in person! Thanks so much for getting them to me so quickly." - M K
"I received the box this morning [baby rattle to switzerland]. Everything went well. Thank you very much." - Aurelie
"I received the ring. It is very attractive and Iím sure my friend will love it. Thank you very much." - Greg
"I received my package [rosaries] . They are very beautiful." - Annalisa
"Received the shipment [inlay NOS watch] early and could not be any happier! Husband proudly wears and he was so excited! The watch is absolutely beautiful! We will be watching your site for other items. Thank you so much for the excellent service. You make it very easy to purchase authentic Native American jewelery! One must be careful with all the fake things being sold. We are both so very pleased with this purchase! We will definitely be checking out other things on your site!" - SB
"Thank you, it [pipe and stem] just arrived and it is beautiful. Iíll likely be back??" - Jennifer
"The fetish necklace is absolutely stunning. I am considering that the find of the year for me! It really is special, something well worth adding to my collection. Thank you so much!! The three Navajo pearls necklaces are very nice as well. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchases. And everything went smoothly on the postal part of things in the end! That was good. I shall keep visiting you from time to time so you will probably hear from me again. I really love my Ďgoodiesí!" - Karen
"Received the heishi necklace today. I found your site completely by accident, but glad I did. I like the way youíre site is organized. By style or length. Iím 6í3Ē so obviously need a longer length, and with a smaller bead size. I appreciate your interest. It tells me your proud of your business. I plan on purchasing again soon. I have gifts I need to get!" - M.D.
"The ram arrived today. It is really nice. Thanks alot. and thanks for carrying more Navaho carvings." - sally
"Shopping with you is always so fun! I love the ďpull hereĒ arrows on the wrapping, as well as my purchase!" - Kris
"So to inspire you to keep ahead of that pile, let me just tell you that the ring (OMG - stunning!) and "Sneaky" [snake fetish carving] arrived this afternoon. The ring fits my middle finger like it was meant to be: the detail is mind-blowing, the stone gorgeous - and Sneaky is in his forever home - he can hang out with the turtle and all of the rest of the gang. Kudos again to "the package guy." :) :)." - Kathy
"The package arrived safe and sound. I must say I am blown away by the vintage Wolf Fetish earrings. They are absolutely beautiful. I LOVE them. Thank you so much. And thank you for having these types of older, vintage pieces. It takes me back to the 70s!" - PA
"Just a quick note to let you know I received your package . This earring is so lovely ! I cannot thank you enough for wonderful customer service, safe packaging, and fast ship ! I will continue to watch your website , as there are so many beautiful items!" - T.H.
"The order [3-strand Chiclet Necklace ] arrived yesterday and Iím very, very happy with it. Thank you for packing it so securely and that it came through the mail without getting broken or ruined. Itís a beautiful piece and I will wear it proudly. Thank you so much." - Patti
"Just rec'd the package. The clip is just perfect. Fits my hair wonderfully and quality is amazing. Love the bag! I'll get many years of use. Will definitely keep you on my Christmas list!" - DY
"Received and it is a very nice piece [Peterson Johnson Navajo watch]. I appreciate all your efforts." - John
"Thank you so much! The items look great, just what I wanted! As a small business owner myself I realize how much extra work it is when customers write or phone asking where their order is (sometimes the day after they place the order!). I will check my spam folder for the tracking, or just check the mail today. That was actually faster shipping than I expected given how far you say you have to go to drop packages at the post office. No need to reply, I just want to say that I appreciate your customer service." - Ellen
" I have just received the three pairs of [vintage] earrings and I am delighted with them, particularly the coyotes! Thanks a lot and best regards." - Karen
"Just wanted to let you know my beautiful pouch & medicine wheels arrived last night in mint condition! I will treasure these for the rest of my days! Thanks to you for organising everything & for the fantastic friendly service! Look forward to putting another order in soon! " - Beau
" I received my [pipe stem] order, and it is just WONDERFUL! I wish I had gotten two of them! Thanks so much again, and I sure appreciate your business and quality." - Allan
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   - Ornaments
   - Paintings and Prints
   - Pipes, Lakota
   - Prayer and Dance Fans
   - Smudging Supplies
   - Spirit Dolls
   - Sterling silver household items

Jewelry - see column at right

Jewelry Storage Pouches

Kachina Dolls, Miniature

Kid's Stuff

Knives, Navajo Inlay

Ledger Art

Lucky Horseshoes

Medicine Bags

Medicine wheels

Mens' items

Mexican Jewelry

Note Cards

   - Animal Stick Wall Hangings
   - Apache Spirit Gourds
   - Dolls, Native American
   - Dreamcatchers
   - Feathers
   - Lakota Animal Spirits
   - Medicine wheels
   - Pewter Horse

Pipes, Lakota Catlinite
   - Chief's Pipes
   - Effigy Pipes
   - Four Winds Pipes
   - L Pipes
   - Mountain Man Pipes
   - Offering Pipes
   - Pipe Drops
   - Pipe Stems
   - T-Pipes
   - Tampers and Picks
   - Trade Pipes

Prayer Feathers, Fans

Rattles, gourd


Sage Bags

Smudging Supplies
   - Books
   - Bowls
   - Boxes
   - Feathers
   - Herbs
   - Kits
   - Lakota Pipes
   - Medicine bags
   - Sage bags   

Spanish Horse Books,Videos

Tack and Attire
   - Bridles, blankets, pads, reins, boots, bits, cinches

Videos, DVDs, horse
   - English
   - Spanish
   - Used

Wedding / anniversary gifts



Baby Items
  - Bracelets
   - Cups
   - Rattles
   - Rings
   - Spoons

Barrettes, Combs

- Ghost beads
    - Necklace extenders
    - Sets with earrings
    - Sterling Silver
    - Vintage

Bolo Ties
   - Slides
   - Cords, strings

   - Baby
   - Bangles
   - Bargain
   - Beaded
   - Bear claw
   - Charm
   - Copper
   - Inlay
   - Ketohs (Bowguards), Leather Cuffs and Concho Belt Bracelets
   - Link
   - Mexican
   - Sterling silver
   - Stone
   - Turquoise
   - Twist
   - Vintage

Buckles, Belt
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - New
   - Vintage

Cables, sterling silver

Chains, sterling silver

Collars, sterling silver

Combs, Barrettes

Concho Belts

Copper Shop
   - Bracelets
   - Buckles
   - Earrings
   - Miscellaneous
   - Pins
   - Rings

Cross Pendants
   - New
   - Vintage

   - Animal fetish
   - Bargain
   - Cuff, screw, clip
   - Copper
   - Vintage
   - Post
   - Wire

Ghost Beads

Hair keepers
   - Barrettes
   - Clasps
   - Combs
   - Copper
   - Feather Hair Ties

Hat Bands

Heishi necklaces
   - By length
   - By style
   - Vintage

Helpers, Jewelery
   - Anti-tarnish bags
   - Jewelry trays
   - Magnetic clasps
   - Necklace extenders
   - Pin to pendant converters
   - Polishing cloth

Household silver
   - Baby
   - Miniatures
   - Pill Boxes
   - Salt cellar
   - Spoons

Key rings
   - Bargain
   - New
   - Vintage

Magnetic Clasps

Mens' items

   - Kachinas
   - Kettles
   - Pill Boxes
   - Pitchers
   - Pots and pans
   - Seed Pots
   - Tea Sets
   - Wedding Vases

Money clips
   - Bargain
   - New
   - Vintage


Navajo Pearls
    - Necklaces
    - Vintage
    - Sets

   - Animal Fetish
   - Bargain Barn
   - Beads, sterling silver
   - Bear claw
   - Chains
   - Collars
   - Crosses
   - Desert Pearls
   - Extenders
   - Ghost Beads
   - Heishi
   - Jaclas
   - Leather chokers
   - Mexican
   - Navajo Pearls
   - Necklace extenders
   - Nugget
   - Omegas
   - Pendants with necklaces
   - Squash Blossom
   - Sterling Silver Beads
   - Stone
   - Vintage

Neckace Extenders, bead and chain

Omegas and Chains

   - Animals
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - Crosses
   - Misc. Designs
   - Pin pendants
   - Stones and inlays
   - Symbols
   - Vintage

Pill Boxes
   - New
   - Vintage

   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - General
   - Mexican
   - Pin pendants
   - Vintage

  Pin pendants
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - General
   - Mexican
   - Vintage

Pin to pendant converters

   - Baby
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - New
   - Toe
   - Vintage


   - New
   - Vintage

Vintage & New Old Stock

   - Barrettes-Combs
   - Bolo ties
   - Bracelets
   - Buckles
   - Earrings
   - Mexican
   - Misc
   - Necklaces
   - Pendants
   - Pins
   - Rings
   - Sets
   - Watches

   - Ladies
   - Mens
   - Vintage

Wedding / anniversary gifts

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