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Small Cedar Boxes

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Pine Ridge Lakota Smudging Box


Paula says - "This cedar box is made in the USA from 3/8" thick aromatic cedar wood using box joints and brass Pine Ridge Lakota Smudging Box hardware.

"Cedar is a natural repellent to moths and other insects so the interior is left untreated to allow the cedar aroma to be released.

"The exterior has a urethane finish.

"The grain of cedar is beautiful and each of these boxes has a distinctive pattern."

Cedar Medicine

Cedar Medicine (Hante Pejuta - Lakota) is an important part of Lakota belief and ritual. Cedar is used for purifying, cleansing, and smudging. It is part of an herbal blend smoked in ceremonial pipes, particularly to please Wakinyan (Winged-One or Thunderbird). To protect one from lightning (said to be sent by Wakinyan) cedar is burned, not to repel Wakinyan but out of respect.
Cedar is also burned on the coals during a sweat for its purification characteristics.
Cedar boxes are the traditional way to store herbs and other medicine, feathers, fans, flutes and other ceremonial objects.

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