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Top Tack Quarters-Skirt


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horse blanket - Thermatex quarter sheet

Read about Choosing and Using a Quarter Sheet

horse blanket - Thermatex quarter sheet


Please read the descriptions carefully.

If you have questions about the tack listed email

There is only one of each item, so item sells to the first person that makes payment.

Depending on the item and where you live, we ship tack via FedEx Ground or USPS so please provide both a physical address for FedEx and a PO address too. Shipping charges include handling, insurance and tracking. We only ship tack to the continental United States, and since our ranch is far from town we only ship twice a week.

Return Policy - Tack and attire are not returnable unless we have made a mistake in the listing. If that is the case, contact us and we will tell you how to proceed.


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Top Tack Quarters-Skirt
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  • Top Tack Quarters-Skirt
  • Polarfleece - The thin polarfleece is not cumbersome but is very warm as it covers rider completely from the waist down to the ankles while mounted and spreads out over horse's quarters to the tail head and down along the sides.
  • 41" long from waist to hem.
  • Skirt is designed to be used over riding clothes. It fastens around the rider's waist with a wide Velcro waist band, hangs to the ankle and opens in front making it easy to mount.
  • The Velcro waist band adjustment has a generous range and easily covers breeches or jeans with belt and heavy shirt. Fastened neatly at its smallest range it is 34"; fastened neatly at its longest it is 40".
  • All edges are finished with a neat, tight machine blanket stitch.
  • You can wear regular breeches or jeans without long underwear and still stay cozy. Great for everyday use and a superior item for clinics and winter schooling shows.
  • Heather gray.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Retail $110
  • Used for photo shoot, excellent condition

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