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As described on page 64 of Horse Handling and Grooming, grooming gloves are great for giving your horse a good head and ear rub (just ask Aria!) and getting into those hard to groom areas such as the poll, around the eyes, under the jaw and on the legs of sensitive horses.

All of the gloves below are made of mostly cotton with some polyester (usually a 70% to 30% blend) which results in durable and comfortable gloves that are washable. The gloves can be worn on either hand and all of the models have grippies on both sides for that reason. The dots and squiggles are PVC which rub and massage the skin and help to remove loose hair. They have a fitted, elasticized cuff to keep them on during vigorous grooming.

Choose the size that fits you the best. I like a close fitting pair for summer and a bigger pair to use over my regular gloves for winter.
See "What Size?" below.

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Unisex Medium - Large
Grooming Gloves from Cherry Hill
horse grooming gloves

Unisex Medium-Large
Fits up to 10" glove size
Black PVC dots on BOTH sides.

$4.75 per pair plus s/h


To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your flat palm. (If you plan to also use grooming gloves over another pair of gloves in the winter, take another set of measurements of your gloved hands.)

Measure both your right and left hands since your dominant hand might be larger. Use the following Unisex equivalents to help you find the fit you want:

  • Our Small gloves will fit up to an 8" hand
  • Our Medium gloves will fit up to a 8.5" hand
  • Our Medium-Large gloves will fit up to a 10" hand.

(For example, my hands, which model all 3 pairs of gloves, are 7.5" left and 8" right and I could use either the Small or Medium gloves. Richard's hands are both 10" and the Medium-Large gloves fit him great.)

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