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Horse Tack, Attire etc.

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Horse Blankets and other tack

Top Tack Polarfleece Quarters-Skirt


International Riding Helmet, size 7 3/8


Miller's KevPro Tec Trailer Boots - set of 4
Boots and Wraps

Leg Wrap Cooler, E-Quest Cannon Blue

Bell Boots, Les Vogt Pro Equine No Turn

Trailer Boots, Libertyville Super Protector - set of 4


Bedroll Straps and Ties

Mecate or Get Down Rope

Men's English Spurs

Riding Bells


27" Classic Equine Western Double Mohair Straight

30" Double Mohair Western Roper

32" Fabri-Tech Western Fleece

32" Neoprene Western Shaped


BMB Breakaway Safety Halter, large

Miller's BreakFree Safety Halter, horse

Saddle Bags

Weatherproof Nylon Gear Bag


vintage and collectible horse magazines including The Horse, John Lyon's Perfect Horse

Collectible Horse Magazines

Stable Blankets

Horseware Ireland Rambo Rug Stable Sheet size 78

Horseware Ireland Net Cooler and Stable Fly Scrim
Fly Sheets and Scrims

Horseware Ireland Net Cooler and Stable Fly Scrim size 75

Horseware Ireland Net Cooler and Stable Fly Scrim size 81, navy

Horseware Ireland Net Cooler and Stable Fly Scrim size 81, green


Dover Polarfleece Cooler, burgundy and silver, size 90 x 96

Horseware Ireland Cooler Sheet size 81

Horseware Ireland Teddy Fleece Cooler size 75

Saratoga Horseworks Polarfleece Cooler, horse size 90 x 96

Saratoga Horseworks Polar Lite Cooler, horse size 90 x 96

Wilsun Sweatless Cooler, burgundy, size 90 x 96

Quarter Sheets/Exercise Sheets

Top Tack Polarfleece Quarters-Skirt


Miller's Weather Beeta Extreme Turnout Blanket, size 76
Winter Turnout Blankets

Royal Riders size 78

Anti-Sweat Sheets

Curvon Irish Knit size 78 cream and navy

Dover Irish Knit size 78 cream and navy

Triple Crown Super Dry Anti-Sweat Sheet navy size 78 $50 $40

Courbette English Snaffle Bridle with Combined Flash Noseband
English Bridles
with Matching Reins

Courbette Snaffle Bridle, horse and cob sizes, with or without reins

Frantisi Elite Buckle Snaffle Bridle
with Matching Web Reins

Libertyville Gold Medal Clincher Bridle
with Matching Reins

Extra Reins

Dover English Leather Lace Reins

R6 - Libertyville Black Rubber Lined Leather Dressage or English Hunt Reins

R5 - Millers Crosby Reins Dark Havana Brown Rubber Lined Leather Dressage or English Hunt

R3 - Millers Lancers Reins Black Leather and Rubberized Web Dressage or English Hunt

R4 - Whitman Englandia Reins Chocolate Brown Leather and Rubberized Web Dressage or English Hunt

Side Reins

State Line Newbury Leather Side Reins with Elastic Inserts

State Line Nottingham Leather Side Reins with Donuts

Top Tack Quick and Easy Side Reins


stainless steel horse snaffle bit

O-Ring Snaffle, Happy Mouth, Shaped Mullen Mouth

Full Cheek Snaffle, Korsteel

Hollow Mouth Eggbutt Snaffle, Korsteel

Full Cheek Hollow Mouth

Kimberwick with curb chain

English Curb


Some items are brand new. Some were used once or twice for a video or photo shoot. Some are well used.

Please read the descriptions and look at the photos carefully.
If you have questions about the tack listed, e-mail Paula at

Store Policies

We only ship tack to the continental United States. comments

Customer Feedback     

"The chaps arrived today. Just what I was looking for. Condition exactly as described." - C. H.

"The blanket is GREAT!! It is just a tiny bit large on both my mares, but perfect on my gelding. What a very well-made blanket. The stitching is well done and the hardware seems very nice quality. It practically jumped out of the box when I opened it because you had packed it so well. Thank you!! - Nancy

"Just received the blanket and it is wonderful. Everything about shopping with you was GREAT. I can't say enough about how positive it has been!!!! The blanket , the service, your site it's all the BEST. I have had books of Cherry Hill's for years and given them to clients because I agree with how she thinks. Now, combine that with the use of this site, I couldn't be happier. Thanks so very much."

"I received my blanket is a beauty!
Thanks." S. F.

"Thanks so much for the blankets and the service! I will be sure to check the site whenever I need something. Ya'll are great!" S.H.

"We received the western bridle and it was very nice. Thanks for the timely delivery. It was ordered for my girlfriend and she loves it !! Thanks again." J and A

"The chaps arrived today. Just what I was looking for. Condition exactly as described." - C. H.

"Picked up the Cinchas today, They are beautiful and every bit as nice as you described, if not better. Thanks for the prompt service and email communications. I love doing business with you folks. I really appreciate the newsletters and am glad to receive them. Thanks again." Terry

"Thanks. I have received the boots. They fit perfectly and I have worn them twice already. They're wonderful." Dorothy

"I received the longeing caveson and headstall. They are perfect! Thanks so much." JW

"I recently got a pair of your reins and I love them.
I am interested in another pair for my daughter who coveted my beautiful reins !" DC

" I just received the shipment with the Grand Prix Dressage Coat and the Devon Aire Polartec Riding Vest. The Grand Prix coat fits perfectly-it looks as if it were made for me, I could not be more pleased! Thanks so much!"   Mary

"The blanket is amazing. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the blanket and the way you shipped. It has certainly been a pleasure to buy from you."
S from Canada

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