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from Cherry Hill

JANUARY 9, 2006

Cherry Hill and
Horsekeeping® Books and Videos
Obtain Registered Trademarks

Horsekeeping® Books and Videos, owned and managed by authors Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh, has obtained the Registered Trademark® for the word "Horsekeeping®" in International Classifications 9 and 16. These categories cover videos and books.

The use of Horsekeeping is registered for the exclusive use by Horsekeeping® Books and Videos. When a book or video contains the Horsekeeping® it guarantees the information has come from Horsekeeping® Books and Videos and authors Cherry Hill or Richard Klimesh.

Cherry Hill is the author of over 30 books and videos on the care and training of horses including such best-sellers as Horsekeeping On A Small Acreage, 101 Arena Exercises, and Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids as well as 4 books in the Horsekeeping Skills Library which includes Horse Handling and Grooming, Horse Health Care, Stablekeeping, and Trailering Your Horse.

Cherry's husband, Richard Klimesh, is the author of Horse Housing and videographer and producer of Horsekeeping® Videos including 101 Horsekeeping® Tips and The Horse-El Caballo.

Together Hill and Klimesh own and operate Horsekeeping® Books and Videos and maintain an educational website at www.horsekeeping.com

For more information on Horsekeeping® contact:
Horsekeeping® Books and Videos
PO Box 140
Livermore CO 80536


For more information on Registered Trademarks, contact:
United States Patent and Trademark Office

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