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DVD The Horse El Caballo


The Horse - El Caballo
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A perfect family oriented DVD production that your kids will enjoy. Educational with 101 lessons on everything from foals to horse care, stable care, grooming, vocabulary and quizzes. Lots of fun for everyone and incorporates both English and Spanish language. Produced by the well respected duo of Richard Klimesh and Cherry Hill, a wealth of experience is provided here in a user friendly format. Ideal for the horse crazy kids!

The American Quarter Horse Journal, September 2007

THIS IS A FUN APPROACH TO LEARNING A foreign language as well as more about horsemanship. Spanish speaking people can improve their English and vice versa. Watchers will learn how young horses grow up, good horse management skills, how to groom and care for them and will acquire additional vocabulary.

The DVD is very well done, fun to watch, and a great asset for the young horse fancier. Cherry Hill always does very good work with her books, and this DVD lives up to the standard set by them. The information is safe, correct, and will improve a horse and person relationship. - Pat Ingram

...great to watch over and over...Dec. 5, 2005

If you have young horse lovers on your gift list, Cherry Hill's new DVD The Horse-El Caballo will have them learning about horses and practicing their English and Spanish vocabulary. Even older horse lovers will enjoy the beautiful horses and music. This is a great DVD that youngsters will want to watch over and over. - Katherine Blocksdorf

School Library Journal, June 2006

Gr 4 Up
This bilingual production from horse expert Cherry Hill is intended for children and adults who wish to learn Spanish or English terminology related to horses and horse care. It is described as an English/Spanish "video horse book" and consists of 11 chapters on topics such as The Family, Parts of the Horse, Horse Care, and Grooming, with two concluding chapters of vocabulary and quizzes. Each chapter consists of scenes of horses, shown first without subtitles and then with subtitles in English and Spanish with narrator Cherry Hill speaking in English. The scenes are then shown with Spanish and English subtitles and Hill's narration in Spanish. The sentences are all in the present tense, and the vocabulary becomes more complex as the DVD progresses.

Beautiful footage of Hill's horses is accompanied by light guitar music. However, the pacing is fairly slow, and it would be best to show selected chapters. A good choice for young horse enthusiasts who want to learn Spanish and for Spanish speaking viewers who want to learn horse-related terminology in English. -

Kathleen Gruver, Burlington County Library System, Westampton, NJ

The Exchange, February 3, 2006

     What struck me first was the beauty of the photography and the care that Cherry Hill used in selection of horses. This is a wonderfully produced instruction device for people, young or old, who want to connect Spanish and English language study in conjunction with horses. The chapters are written, spoken, repeated, and highlighted at a pace which is complimented by the photography. You are welcome to go to the website and see reviews of this DVD to decide if it is the right video for your needs at the right price (

     Precisely the ideal age group for this DVD remains to be seen. The range of difficulty of the language instruction may be initially judged by the rudimentary vocabulary, eg.

A horse has four legs.
Un caballo tiene cuatro patas.
This horse is very good.
Este caballo es muy bueno.

     Although it might be just great for young children, adults with patience can also learn something. The DVD format is superb for stopping the video and practicing, and reversing and going back to study over the instruction. The steadily uplifting tempo of the DVD, embedded in the creative guitar music, is exemplified by the short take of Cherry Hill, best selling author and narrator, eating hay. I'm over sixty and I got a kick out of it.

Fasten the gate,
Abroche Ia puerta,
Bob Howdy, PhD

Tack N' Togs, February 2006

"The Horse - El Caballo" is an innovative, 90-minute video from Cherry Hill that's perfect for horselovers who want to learn a new language. The video shows scenes of life at Long Tail Ranch, while the author narrates sentences in English and spanish that appear side-by-side on the screen.

The Chronicle of the Horse, November 18, 2005

     While this DVD is marketed for children to learn English or Spanish, it's actually quite useful for adults too. Even though I studied Spanish for four years in high school and college, without a refresher it's hard to remember anything more than hola!

     Author Cherry Hill, who narrates the DVD, does an excellent job in pronunciation. And the background music, provided by Rich A. Salas, is light and whimsical, a perfect complement to the videography artistically produced by Hill's husband, Richard Klimesh.

     The DVD is broken down into 11 chapters, which start with the basics of The Family, The Foal and Growing Up and then expands into more specific chapters on Horse Care, The Stable and Grooming. The final two chapters, Vocabulary and Quizzes, allow the viewer a refresher and a way to test comprehension.

     In this easy-to-follow format, which uses page-turning transitions, the viewer first sees the scene unfold without captions. For instance, you'll see a seven- to 10-second shot of a horse cavorting in the pasture. Then, the second time through the subtitles appear in English and Spanish. Hill then says: "The horse plays" in English. Then, the third time the scene is shown, the Spanish subtitles are enlarged, and Hill says, "El caballo juega "

     This format encourages the viewer to study the words. It's natural to turn your focus to the words on the screen for the second and third times it plays.

     There's no defining age mentioned with the DVD, but the pace may be too slow to keep younger children interested. My 5-year-old enjoyed the DVD and pronouncing the Spanish lessons for about 20 minutes, but that's to be expected. This DVD would be perfect for older elementary and middle school children.

     It would also be incredibly useful for trainers and riders who have Spanish-speaking employees and want to better communicate with them. And, it would also be a nice addition to keep in the barn for Spanish-speakers who want to learn equine terminology in English. Certainly the lessons that teach the parts of the horse and grooming are particularly pertinent.

     If I'd have had this tool to help me learn Spanish in my formative years, I'm certain I'd remember more than adios! - Tricia Booker

Learning Spanish in a part of Heaven, December 2, 2005

I watched this DVD in three 30 minute sections. The scenery is breathtaking and the horses are so healthy and happy. The bonus with this DVD is that you can learn many horse-related phrases - even if you aren't a kid - which I have found is very handy when communicating with my Hispanic friends. I learned some words and phrases that I had been saying incorrectly for some years so for that alone, I am grateful. Good stuff. How about another one!!! Now that I have completely brushed up on my Spanish, I am passing this on to my horse crazy niece who lives in New Mexico. I know she will find it helpful and fun at the same time. Shelia Maremmak, "Shelia", Oklahoma

A Kid's Review: I am learning Spanish and this is FUN! December 2, 2005

My grandmother gave me this for my birthday because I love horses and am learning Spanish in 6th grade. I love to look at all the little movies of the horses and I am learning new words in Spanish at the same time. I love goats too and I hope that there will be a DVD like this on goats. I think my Grandmother would buy it for me! She likes both horses and goats - too. Love, Heidi D.

from December 2005

The Bottom Line: This is a fun and educational bilingual DVD for horse lovers of all ages. You’ll learn about horse families, care, grooming, anatomy and more. This is a great introduction to horses, and English or Spanish vocabulary.

    Beautiful videography.
    Logical transitions between chapters.
    Clear audio and visual presentations of vocabulary in both languages.
    Quizzes and practice chapters help reinforce the material presented.
     Easy to understand horse information.
     The pacing is great for younger kids, but may be a bit slow for adults.

Meet the equine residents of Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh’s Long Tail Ranch while learning about horses and practicing your Spanish or English vocabulary. Whether you want to learn the basics of horses, need material for ESL curriculum, wish to learn Spanish, or improve your English this is a great DVD. Even long time horse owners will enjoy the beautiful horses and scenery set against guitarist Rich Salas’ music.

As the chapters progress with page turn transitions, you'll be introduced to horse families-mares, foals and stallions, basic training, feeding, stabling, grooming, growth, and more. A quiz on feeds and parts of the horse help with vocabulary practice. You also learn to count to 10 with a little galloping pony and review all the words presented in the chapters.

We found ourselves torn between trying out a new vocabulary and admiring Cherry’s and Richard’s horses and the beautiful vistas around their ranch. This is a DVD youngsters will want to watch over and over just to see the horses playing and being cared for.

A treasure !! Dec. 29, 2005

Kids really enjoyed it!…Quizes were fun…The ending was perfect…Just a treasure to have. - Kristen, Casey, Matt, and Lizzy, Oregon

A great gift !! Nov. 7, 2005

I recently came across a brand new DVD: The Horse – El Caballo, 101 Lessons, A Journey for Kids. I thought it would be a great gift for my two farm grandkids, ages 11 and 15. I was in for a pleasant surprize. This DVD is a journey in ENGLISH and SPANISH both spoken and written for the young horse enthusiast in a pleasant, relaxed format .

Now - - don’t put this in your DVD player and think you can fast forward and whiz through it. Depending on the weather, get yourself a tall glass of minty iced tea or a triple latte and sit back and luxuriate through all 90 minutes. You're going to learn somethings yourself - it is well worth your time!!!

The landscape is breathtaking, the horses are beautiful and healthy and each little detail taken in making this DVD should be appreciated. It gives, in a gentle manner, the spoken and written words in English and then in Spanish for many aspects of horse information. And the producer’s special 'angelic' sense of humor ‘shines’ through in a few places. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you view it. Watch for the 'shine'.

It takes you from the birth of a foal, to one mare in the December of her life. It shows you happy horses, in a healthy environment, well cared for and loved from the moment they are born till....................

As an experienced horse owner, and one who speaks lazy ‘Lite’ Spanish here in South Texas, I appreciated hearing and seeing the written Spanish words for many terms about horses that some of my Hispanic workers did not even know.

I loved every minute of this DVD as well as the quizzes, vocabulary sections and the links to Horsekeeping’s Internet page. I can’t wait to go there and explore all the articles and try the puzzles!!!!

Yes, it says it is for kids and yes, - - - - I bought this for my grandkids - --- but I’m keeping this copy for myself, to improve my equine “Lite” Spanish. I’m ordering another autographed copy for them today! After all, I’m just a kid at heart anyway. Muchas Gracias Amigos at Horsekeeping Books and Videos. - Pat Storer, Treasure Ranch, Colorado County, Texas

fun lessons! Nov. 9, 2005

The Horse-El Caballo is a wonderful DVD that shares very important lessons on horsekeeping with children. In addition, the visuals, combined with illustrations and great guitar music, makes these lessons easy and fun to learn. - RS, Colorado

...a great video with nice pictures of horses...

This 90-minute DVD uses some basic Spanish words and phrases to teach horses and horse care. Formatted as a video storybook, each page is repeated three times: first as just a picture, then with an English description followed by a Spanish one. With great video clips of horses and background guitar music, the video is fun and educational. Kids who like horses will learn about the horse family, see a newborn foal take its first step, and watch it grow up and learn some basic lessons. Viewers will also be introduced to some of the parts of the horse and how to care for horses. The video concludes with some vocabulary and quizzes, to see how much viewers remember. This is , but it's a little long and moves slowly. Young kids would do best viewing it in segments.- RCheryl Dudley, Appaloosa Journal Online


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