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Your Horse Barn - DVD Video
Planning - Designing - Building

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Do you want to build a horse barn or remodel the one you have? Do you know where to start? You're not alone. Many people get bewildered by the many choices and decisions they are confronted with when planning housing for their horses. That's why we wrote the book, Horse Housing, in which we explain many of the options you have, from flooring to lighting, so you can make the right choices for the comfort and health of your horses and your horsekeeping situation.

But many horse owners are too busy to read or are more visual and would rather get information from video rather than from a book. So, we've just finished a 4-hour, 2-disc DVD called Your Horse Barn. It has much of the good information that the book Horse Housing contains so you can make good decisions about roofs and windows, the aisle and your tack room, feed room and wash rack. Plus you get a detailed look at Cherry Hill's barn that we built mostly by ourselves here at Long Tail Ranch. We go through every corner of the barn, inside and out and show you what we did and tell you why we did it that way.

Enjoy the DVD and good luck with your barn!&

Your Horse Barn 2-DVD set
$44.95 plus s/h


Your Horse Barn - DVD Video
Planning - Designing - Building

  • 240 minutes of video on two DVDs

Your Horse Barn, a new 2-DVD set from Horsekeeping® LLC Books & Videos, gives horse owners practical advice on designing, planning and building a horse barn.

This DVD set is also a valuable tool for architects and builders to use to plan, design and build horse barns..

Your Horse Barn is a 2-disc, a full 4-hours long. It is written by Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh, two of America's best-known horse facilities experts.

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"I received Your Horse Barn DVD last week. Thanks very much. Lots of useful information." - SS from Brazil

"I got my barns DVD from cherry hill horse keeping what can I say it was excellent . 4 hours long flew by. Heaps of ideas. Even got my husband sitting down with me to watch it. If I had given him a book he wouldn't have read it. I have discovered the secret to getting him involved in learning more about horses and horse behaviour. Also tell Richard I love his sense of humour throughout the DVD and his teaching approach is really good. I find a lot of people in the horse world really condescending but not Richard . He seems aware that he is talking to adults." - V.S.

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