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December 2006

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Farm and Ranch Toys !!

Until I had my first tractor, I didn't know I really needed one. Now I can't live without one and all of the time and labor saving implements that make horsekeeping go so much more smoothly and efficiently. If you are looking for some additional horsepower to help you with the chores on your farm or ranch, here is an excerpt from "Equipping Your Horse Farm" to get your started.

Your Needs

Although you will probably never eliminate the need for a wheelbarrow and a fork, the size of your horse operation and its associated tasks will likely require some machinery to get the work done efficiently. Such equipment usually falls into one of two categories: a tractor or utility vehicle with attachments and a truck with a trailer.

Since you are reading this book, you have likely already considered the options of doing the work by hand, hiring laborers to do the work, hiring someone with equipment to do the work, or hiring someone to haul your horses for you.

As you are thinking of buying equipment for your place, as you balance your budget with your wish lists, keep suitability and compatibility in mind. You might consider joint ownership with a friend or neighbor, leasing, or purchasing used items.

The initial cost of an item and the necessary repairs to get it up and running, if it is a used item, is just the beginning of budgetary considerations. There will be regular maintenance costs (routine servicing) and irregular repair costs…the what broke!? With some used equipment, repairs are more regular than irregular! There will be operating costs such as fuel, lubricants. And there will be associated costs such as interest, insurance, and shelter. And, if you’re like most tractor, truck, and trailer owners, there will be a never-ending list of “toys” we just have to have to use with our vehicles and equipment.

That’s why it is so important to make wise choices on the very key items – tractor and truck – as they dictate what you can choose to pull with them. Therefore, in this one instance, you can and should put the “cart before the horse” and think of the things you want to pull with your tractor and truck before you purchase your tow vehicles.

Keep suitability in mind as you shop. You want to buy the right implement the first time so you won’t lose money trading up. Although you need to keep within your budget, try not to cut corners too much or you may end up with a vehicle that would be difficult to resell. Think of ease of operation, dependability and warranty – they all add to peace of mind and, in the long run, are time and cost efficient. Here’s where working with a knowledgeable, reputable dealer really pays off.

So, if the activities on your acreage justify investment in a truck, tractor and attachments, take plenty of time to become informed on the choices and research the market so that you buy the best equipment to fit your needs.

What do you need?

Throughout this book, you’ll find charts, lists and worksheets that will help you figure out what you need. You’ll find checklists that you can copy to take on buying trips with you. To start out, here is a general idea of what you can use a tractor and implements for around your farm or ranch.

  • Collect manure
  • Spread manure
  • Harrow fields
  • Mow weeds
  • Clear brush
  • Haul bedding
  • Haul and move feed
  • Maintain arena
  • Plow snow
  • Grade and maintain roadways
  • Maintain pens
  • Move portable shelters and large feeders
  • Dig postholes
  • Pull out old posts
  • Power a water pump or generator
  • Spray, fertilize, and seed pastures
  • Cut, bale, and stack hay
  • Cultivate soil for crops or garden

A truck and horse trailer is a handy rig for almost any horse owner and a must for anyone with a horse farm or ranch. In case of fire or flood, you may need to evacuate your horses. And you should have the means to transport your horse to a veterinary clinic in the case of emergency. Even for routine veterinary care, you can often avoid paying a farm call charge by taking your horse to the veterinarian's clinic. You will also need a trailer if you plan to show your horse or haul him to trail riding areas.

Here are some other uses for a truck:

          • Haul grain
          • Haul hay
          • Haul bedding
          • Haul Fencing materials
          • Haul Building materials
          • Tow other trailers and equipment

Your trailer is a multi-purpose piece of equipment too:

          • Haul to horse clinics
          • Haul to riding lessons
          • Haul mares to breeder
          • Haul feed, hay, bedding, building and fencing supplies
          • Moving furniture

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