December 2008

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Holiday Greetings from
  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

riding a  young horseWe had our first significant snow of the season yesterday, which happened to be our "town day". The four-wheel drive went out of our vintage Explorer on the way home and we had quite an exciting time trying to make it up the final snow-packed hill that leads into our high mountain valley.

Halfway up the winding hill, the rear tires lost traction and we fishtailed and slipped, sliding dangerously close to the 50-foot drop-off on the north side of the road. It was too slippery and dangerous to back down the hill. There is no cell phone reception in that canyon to call for help. So, we just bore down and spun gravel and literally inched forward for what seemed like a very long time and then finally began picking up speed as we made it past the steepest portion of the hill.

As we crested the hill and saw our peaceful, snow-covered valley before us, we breathed a collective sigh of relief. Chalking up this latest in a long list of exciting adventures together made us realize again how fortunate we are to be intact and in good humor.

We hope that every one of you will make it a priority to slow down a bit this holiday season so you can take a long, appreciative look at your family and friends, both human and animal. After all, they are why we do what we do every day.

We wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Check back in January for the next installment of Sherlock's training.


  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

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