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All Text and Images on are Copyright Protected.

We at are happy to offer information and photos on Native American culture and jewelry, horse training and care, vintage Dooney & Bourke bags and other topics on the Internet in the spirit of free exchange of ideas. However, all of the material on is copyrighted and may not be used on any other website, forum, Facebook, eBay, other selling site or blog or in printed format without prior permission directly from Horsekeeping LLC. Copyright law applies to the Internet just as it does to other media like newspapers, magazines, CDs, videos, and books.

Copyright is a form of legal protection granted to the creators ("authors") of original works. Under this law, creators of books and articles, photos, illustrations, and other forms of creative expression can secure the exclusive rights to display or reproduce their works. Authors have a property right in their work that they may license for reproduction or other use. Any original creation is protected, whether it is published or unpublished. Ownership remains under the control of the creator for life plus 70 years.

Identifying original work with the word "Copyright" and the symbol © is not necessary by law but we include these notifications on all of our website pages to remind you that our work is protected by copyright.

Copyright Myths

  • The material has no © mark so I can copy and use it. Wrong.
  • I'm not making money on the material, so it's OK to use it. Wrong.
  • The Internet is public property, I can use anything I find there. Wrong.
  • A copyright is lost if the person doesn't defend it. Wrong.
  • Copyright rules don't apply if I'm using the material for education. Wrong (Many copyright holders, however, allow limited use in legitimate academic situations.)

     What this means for you, an Internet visitor to, is that although you can use material you find on this site for your personal education and enjoyment, if you forward copies to others in an e-mail or post the material anywhere on the Internet or if you reproduce any of the material for a newsletter you are in violation of copyright law.

     Copying text, photos, charts, graphics, logos, etc. from for use on your site is absolutely illegal. It could lead to your web page or your entire site being taken down , to civil lawsuits or criminal prosecution.

     If you are interested in copying or distributing anything on, you must get permission first by contacting .

     For more information on copyright, see or write to: Library of Congress Copyright Office 101 Independence Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C. 20559-6000.

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