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March 2002

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Take a Peek at my New Book ! - Riding Western

Your Horse's Physical Development - the Early Stages

"Ask-Cherry" - How Do I Put my Horse on a Diet?


New Book: Riding Western

Hot off the Press from Kenilworth Press of Buckingham, Great Britain is my new book, Riding Western, the 46th book in the Threshold Picture Guide series.

The Threshold Picture Guides started in 1986 with book #1 "Manes and Tails" and since then have covered many topics of British-style horse care, tack, English riding, and driving.

Riding Western marks the first Western book published by Kenilworth Press and the first Threshold Guide on a Western topic. I am pleased to be their first American author.

The Threshold Picture Guides are 24 page 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" books, illustrated by British artist Carole Vincer. Since Carole had never seen a Western horse or saddle before our project together, it was my job to design the art and provide her with photos and drawings to help her create the 90 color illustrations. The result is a pretty cool little book with loads of information and tips packed into it.

The Threshold Guides have been translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Japanese.

To see an excerpt from Riding Western, go here:

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Your Horse's Physical Development - the Early Stages

Throughout your horse's training program, it is important to regularly evaluate the development of his physique.

As a horse exercises and is trained, he uses particular muscle groups more than others. With repetition, these muscle groups become dominant and subsequently affect the horse's conformation. If the work is correct, the horse develops an attractive, smooth, and functional physique. If the work is incorrect, the horse's conformation can become rough, develop thickenings and bulges in some places and hollow, weak spots in others...

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How do I put my Horse on a Diet?

Dear Cherry,

My gelding is just plain fat. I just brought him home from a boarding stable. There he was being fed a diet of sweet feed, alfalfa hay and pasture. When I got him home I slowly decreased his intake of sweet feed and fed him a mixed grass hay. I also limited his pasture time. I have switched him to oats and only give him a small amount and continue to feed him a mixed grass hay and also continue to limit his time on the pasture. He appears to be losing a little weight but I would like to know the best way to take weight off of this gelding. I ride but not on a daily basis. Thank you.


Hi Linda,

First of all I must congratulate you on your sound approach to getting your new gelding fit.

There just isn't a more fattening regimen than pasture + alfalfa hay + sweet feed. Add inactivity to this formula and a horse's chance for unsoundness increases and his useful lifespan decreases even more. So bravo to you that you've started him on the right path. It will be worth the effort.

Here are some tips for taking weight off a fat horse.....................

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