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May 2005

Equipping Your Horse Farm
How To Think
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Equipping Your Horse Farm
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How to Think Like A Horse by Cherry Hill

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Late Newsletter, Here's Why, Richard to the Rescue

April was a blur for me. Between traveling, book deadlines, horse stuff, personal stuff, and just plain old stuff stuff, the next thing I knew it was May. While I was on one of my trips, my best buddy Richard (and now Sassy's best pal too) did some of the spring shedding and sent this little movie to me while I was in Texas. Boy did it make me homesick and want to get back and get hairy!!

As you may know, senior horses tend to grow very long winter coats and also can be slower to shed. Sassy was dubbed "wooly mammoth" this past winter. She and Zinger and been having long-coat contests but I'd have to give the award to Sassy's coat this year which was over 6 inches long and the most dense and cozy I've seen!

Here she is a few weeks ago at age 29 getting "peeled" by Richard. That is "Lizzie" playing in the fluff.

Shedding Sassy clip

Let Richard know how you liked his little movie by writing

Hopefully I'll be back on track next month to send you an article or two. Have a great May !!

Roll up your sleeves. Spring is here!

Cherry Hill

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