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November 2005

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 Sassy Eclipse 1976-2005

This newsletter is a personal letter from me to you, a fellow horse owner and enthusiast.
My goal is to answer some of your questions and send you interesting stories
and helpful tips for your horse care, training, and riding.

Most of you have known my good AQHA mare Sassy Eclipse through the pages of magazine articles and books over the years. Sassy appeared in many of the Horse & Rider, Western Horseman, Quarter Horse Journal and other articles I wrote in the 1980s and 1990s and began appearing on or in almost all of my books and videos beginning in 1988.

Sassy was an exceptional riding horse and broodmare; she had a very good life with us; and she has been laid to rest.

I bought her in Arizona from Chris Watson before she was a year old and she traveled around with Richard and I as we lived in Alberta, Iowa, Illinois, and Colorado.

Sassy was a really comfortable and talented Western and English horse and super broodmare, usually settling on the first breeding. She had her last foal when she was 25 which is quite old for a mare to get pregnant, stay pregnant and raise a foal. What a trooper !

Besides being a fearless trail horse and cowhorse, Sassy helped me learn to ride dressage in the 1980's. She also raised seven foals, all of which appear on or in my books. Although I sold four of her foals, three of them keep the spirit of Sassy alive here at Long Tail Ranch - Dickens, Aria, and Sherlock.

At 29, Sassy's body was becoming debilitated and she was looking for a place to rest. Although we miss her deeply, she is comfortable and at peace and will not be forgotten.

Here is her memorial page: Sassy Cherry Hill

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