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Developing Your Mind and Body for Balance and Unity
by Cherry Hill 

paperback; 183 pages; 170 photos & drawings

see contents of Becoming an Effective Rider    

Becoming and Effective Rider


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5 out of 5 absolutely smashing book, May 2008
Reviewer: Intha, a reader

Becoming an Effective Rider" is an absolutely smashing book. I have just gotten it, as it was published during my hiatus from horses, and am recommending it to many friends and fellow horse folks. Are there any plans for a new edition to be put out? I also have many other books by Cherry Hill, and find them all to be very informative, useful, well written, and accurate. Many thanks and much appreciation for the excellent contributions Ms. Hill makes to the world of horsekeeping!

5 out of 5 starsLoved it, April 2007
Reviewer: Intha, a reader

I remembered another one: "Becoming an Effective Rider" by Cherry Hill. A lot of this is advanced, and if you are starting out, it will be confusing (trust me, I know!) but I just flipped through it in the book store and loved it. She gives great tips like: picture a tree frog to get you to unclench your toes, or, think of holding sponges around the reins to help you told not yank or pull. Very nice book, I can't wait to get one for myself! Intha

5 out of 5 starsA very, very good resource, July 26, 2000
Reviewer: pony-express (United States)

This was one of the first books I purchased for my riding library five years ago; at age 33 I was a rank beginner just starting lessons, and I wanted to supplement the physical experience with some off-the-horse studying. Today it's pretty dog-eared, which reflects how often I've gone back to it. It covers just about every aspect of riding one can think of(the aids, body awareness, feel, creative imagery to help position, psychology-even proper attire and tack!), and is written clearly and concisely, never getting dull or overly technical(wish I could say the same for some of the others I've shelled out for). It is also very reasonably priced-a good "value for money", as the British say, which is why I've rated it so highly. I would give it as a gift to any novice, adult or otherwise.


5 out of 5 starsCentered Riding, August 16, 2002
Reviewer: A reader

This book was very helpful to me in terms of developing an attitude and approach towards my riding. Not only were the technical aspects of riding covered, the mindset that allows one to gain confidence and control was addressed at length. As a high-beginner rider I found the information in this book very useful for taking the next step, into intermediate riding skills.

Very useful, April 8, 2002
Reviewer: Ruggero Romano (Bologna - Italy) - See all my reviews
I am an absolute beginner in horseback riding and I have really appreciated the attention that the Mrs.Hill gives to the mental side of riding.(maybe due to the fact that I am not so young even if I started riding only some months ago...)
It's very useful to see and understand that beyond your posture in saddle ,also your mind approach is important to get the best from the equestrian activities.
My personal target in equestrian sports is to have relaxed riding and in this book you may find important suggestions in starting with a relaxed (but not careless) approach to the horse, to the grooming, to the riding etc... having the best , avoiding to transform a anti-stress activity in full-of-doubts-and anxious-one.
This doesn't mean that also worrying features (like injuries) are not considered: on the contrary there are many parts treating about the potential dangers in riding, the wrong approach to the horse, the best way to ride safely .
...To be prepared is the best defense and gives you a stronger and safer confidence when you're going to ride...
I strongly recommend this book to the beginner-riders who are searching for a good source of suggestions to prepare "their souls" to face without worries and approach with self confidence the"obstacles" in riding horseback.

5 out of 5 starsI am so glad I got this book as a gift, December 20, 2000
Reviewer: Karin R. Cuda (Cibolo, TX United States) - See all my reviews

As a beginning adult rider I really appreciated the value I got with this book. I wanted to make the most of my weekly riding lessons and I feel I really already learned so much from this book. I got it as a gift from my husband but, if you buy it it is definitely worth the money. It prepares me for my lessons and also clarifies things very well. The most astonishing thing about this book is how it addresses every issue in a way that can improve skills and understanding for everybody- Beginner and Advanced, Western and English,etc.). It is very easy to read and understand. I really like Hill's writing style and will try out some of her other books.

5 out of 5 starsExcellent book to polish your riding December 29, 1999
Reviewer: GG from Argentina

This is a good book to better your riding and improve your skills. However I think what is most valuable is that Cherry Hill has also included a section which helps you to become more open minded and widen your possibilities as a learner. She emphasizes the way you face riding every day, the attitude you have towards it, the mental, emotional, moral and intellectual development. After reading this book I found myself not only enjoying my riding more, but also learning more each lesson and improving my show performances. Hill not only suggests what you can do but also how you can do it. It is also very interesting and entertaining to read, and very clear to understand. Excellent rider's book.

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