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Trail Riding

Trail Riding
hardbound: $30





Trail Riding

Trail Riding
paperback: $19.95


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Trail Riding
Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail
by Rhonda Hart Poe

336 pages, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2

A complete manual of everything you need to know before you ride off into the Great Outdoors.

  • learn what to look for in a trail horse
  • how to choose the right tack and gear
  • how to pack a horse for a short trip or an extended sojourn
  • tips for crossing streams and bridges
  • "spooking in place"
  • coming when called
  • taking one step — and only one step — when asked
  • how to deal with wild animals and unexpected weather
  • how to get "found"
  • how to prepare for trail emergencies from lameness to bee stings
  • checklists
  • detailed resource section

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