Fall Gelding of a Colt

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gelding of weanling horse

My vet's favorite place to perform routine gelding is on a clean, grassy area.  After the colt is sedated, his upper hind leg is secured with a soft cotton rope.  This is to keep the leg out of the way so the vet can work as well as for the vet's safety.  The colts head is padded underneath, especially around the halter, and his eyes are covered with a light cloth.

gelding a weanling horse

You can see the vulnerable place the vet is in as he works.  Using a combination of chemical and physical restraint makes things go smoothly.  
weanling horse testes
The testicles and about two inches of the spermatic cord are removed.  The spermatic cord is made up veins, artery, nerves, and the vas deferens, the tube which carries sperm away from the testicles.  The spermatic cords are crushed with an emasculator for about sixty seconds to sever them.  The veterinarian enlarges the scrotal incisions and trims any excess scrotal tissues that would interfere with proper drainage.


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