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  Fly Gear for Riding Horses

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 Some items listed in "Fly Masks Etc " can be used while riding or there may be similar items specially designed for riding. A muzzle or ear bonnet designed to be used with a bridle, for example, can greatly reduce or eliminate bug-related head shaking. A blaze orange cape can make for a safer ride during hunting season.

Fly Cape

Have you ever been riding when your horse started prancing and violently swishing his tail—then you finally turn around and see there is a big horse fly feeding on the center of your horse’s rump, just where he can’t reach it? A fly cape that extends behind the saddle to cover the horse’s rump and flanks can eliminate that problem and decrease tail swishing better than fly spray can. A cape made of open weave polyvinyl keeps hot sun off the horse and is also said to wick moisture away from a sweating horse. For added fly protection spray the cape with fly spray.


Horsehair tassels (“shoo-flies”) and other devices can be hung from bridles and saddles to swing with the movement of the horse and prevent flies from landing. Shoo-flies can be attached to a bridle at the throatlatch, curb strap, browband, or at the sides of the headstall. They are traditionally used on the front or rear cinches to keep flies away from the legs and the belly. Tassels on the ends of reins are useful for brushing flies off a horse’s neck and shoulders as you ride. Let long saddle strings dangle—they help keep flies off a horse’s flanks.


There are many different styles of browband or bonnet fly chasers—hanging strings, ribbons, loosely woven fabric. They slip on or attach to the headstall to hang over or above the horse’s eyes to keep flies at bay.


2006  Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

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