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Back in the Saddle Part One: Evaluation

Learn to Override Adrenaline
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Riding requires mental and physical alertness but when it turns into anxiety, look out! During stress, adrenaline is released into the blood. This hormone increases your metabolism, blood pressure, oxygen consumption, and the activity in your central nervous system. Adrenaline reduces blood flow to your gut but increases blood in your skeletal muscles. This results in an increase in strength, alertness, coordination, and reflex action. That's why, in a stressful situation on horseback, when adrenaline kicks in, it's easy to "overreact". Do you need to learn relaxation techniques to over-ride your adrenaline?


Relaxation is the absence of detrimental tension.

TEST: When you hear a loud crash or a gunshot, do you immediately stop breathing and freeze? Or have you trained yourself to breathe deeply and center your energy in your abdomen? If it's the latter, that's great because if your horse suddenly spooks, you'll have a much better chance of staying with his movement if you melt into the saddle than if you jump out of it!

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