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Medicine Bag Gemstones
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Note from Paula: "Some of the medicine bags we sell on our site come with free Gemstones and Sage. If you ask for free gemstones, we will choose four gemstones for you from what we have on hand. We do not fill requests. The gemstones have been tumbled to reveal their beauty but are left in a natural shape. Some stones that we might include are shown here. Some of the gemstones here are described in more detail on our stones page."
amethyst gemstone
Crazy lace agate gemstone
Crazy Lace Agate
fire agate gemstone
Fire Agate
flaming jasper gemstone
Flaming Jasper
green quartz gemstone
Green Quartz
howlite gemstone
green jade gemstone
Green Jade
lapis lazuli gemstone
Lapis Lazuli
moss agate gemstone
Moss Agate
picture jasper gemstone
Picture Jasper
picture jasper and red jasper mix gemstone
Picture & Red Jasper
red jasper gemstone
Red Jasper
rose quartz gemstone
Rose Quartz
serpentine gemstone
snowflake obsidian gemstone
Snowflake Obsidian
sodalite gemstone
tiger's eye gemstone
Tiger's Eye
unakite gemstone
white quartz gemstone
White Quartz
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