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101 Horsekeeping Tips - DVD

The Aiken Horse Dec/Jan 2006/2007 - Lynne A. Miller

101 Horsekeeping Tips is a superbly produced and directed DVD, not only educational but also entertaining. Fortunately, as viewing all 101 tips in one sitting can be quite an overload of information, the DVD makes it easy to choose the chapter and the tip you want to view. The program guide lists all the topics. Plan to watch all the chapters over a period of time to obtain new ideas or perhaps a better way to handle your horse around the stable.

Each chapter in 101 Horsekeeping Tips is announced with a rotating equine statue, music, and a title in large letters. Each tip is introduced by a large number and specific horsey sound effect. Cherry Hill's delivery is clear, concise, and often a bit humorous. She demonstrates each tip in a variety of ways: close-ups (e.g. tying a quick release knot); added graphics (e.g. taking a pulse); and on-screen scrolling lists (e.g. the contents of first aid kits.)

101 Horsekeeping Tips provides practical information with safety in mind Choose a chapter on Handling, Grooming, Feeding, 'Health Care, Facilities, or Tack. Find out about the "two fingers in three places" rule for halter fit. See how to install splash cups and drain boxes for water hydrants and how to use a "water buddy." Don't miss the segments on fire extinguishers, proper leading, treats, and oral medications. The "Whoa" tip is training at its best.

Cherry Hill's 101 Horsekeeping Tips is suitable for all disciplines even though the horses in it wear Western tack. The program's user friendly organization makes it quick and easy to target topics. The background scenery, the horses and the facilities are outstanding - this DVD is worth watching if just for these things! Along the way you will gather some new knowledge and marvel at Ms. Hill's innovative horse training.

Western Horseman July 2004

For master horsemen Cherry Hill and her husband, Richard Klimesh, 101 is a magic number. They've published several guides detailing that many horseback exercises patterns and longeing and long-lining routines. The couple has teamed up again this time to produce a video series outlining 101 ways to safely and efficiently care for horses. 101 Horsekeeping Tips is a fast-paced, three-video collection created with the backyard horse owner in mind. The author of 25 horse-related books, Hill is well known for her quick useful bits of wisdom, presented in clear concise steps.

Volume 1: Handling & Grooming contains tips from fitting a halter and holding a lead rope to tying a horse and picking up his feet. Hill also shows a you simple groundwork maneuvers necessary for control. For people with "pocket pests" (horses that try to raid your pockets for treats), Hill explains when it's okay to give treats and how to do so without encouraging annoying behavior. The video's second section covers grooming from head to tail. Ever wondered how to grow a long, luxurious tail on your horse? Hill has the answers.

The second volume, Feeding & Health Care, delves into basic equine nutrition from figuring a horse's height and weight to buying and feeding hay to preventing sand colic and more. In case of emergency, the couple shows you how to take vital signs, assemble a first aid kit and administer medications. They also offer deworming, bandaging, hoof care, dental and fly control tips. You learn how simple household items, such as a toothbrush, can save you money.

Volume 3: Facilities & Tack begins with simple projects and hints that increase the safety and efficiency of your stable. Next, Hill covers tack cleaning and care, and blanket fit, cleaning and repair.

Each video set comes with a card outlining the 101 tips, which are clearly labeled in the videos, so you can quickly scan the tapes for specific information.

Although all of Hill's work crosses ages, genders, riding levels and disciplines, these videos are especially useful as teaching aids for 4-H and horse club meetings.

A whiz behind the camera, Klimesh deserves credit for his role as producer and director of this well-made production. Its quick-hit format, combined with excellent audio and visuals, and hints of humor make for an entertaining and informative program.

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