Professor Jesse Beery's School of Horsemanship Pamphlets

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Professor Beery's
School of Horsemanship Advertising Pamphlets

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Professor Beery School of Horsemanship Diplomas and Mailings

Professor Jesse Beery
4 Advertising Pamphlets

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Professor Jesse Beery
Beery School of Horsemanship
4 Advertising Pamphlets

by Professor Jesse Beery

1. How to Break and Train Horses and Ponies. Describes the courses and benefits, has testimonials from students and is illustrated with photos and drawings. There is also sample information related to behavior and training in this booklet to show the prospective student what they will receive from the course; 30 pages

2. How to Break and Train Horses and Ponies - an earlier version of the above booklet; 24 pages

3. How to Use the Beery Breaking Bridle - one page instruction sheet.

4. Money Making Secrets in Horse Training; 15 pages




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