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Why Collectible Horse Books?

Cherry Hill's collectible books"Ever since I was a very young girl, I have loved books. In fact, I still have some of the very first books I ever owned - and yes, most of them are about horses. "Some of them are classics that you probably have read such as Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka but others are lesser known books such as those by that great cowboy writer, Will James and others.

"Breaking and Training the Stock Horse is the first horse training book I ever read. I was given a first edition copy in 1957 by one of my mentors, a cowgirl who worked on a ranch in Elko, Nevada.

"Charles Williamson wrote about horsemanship and feel and encouraged readers to observe the horse and to think - way back in the 1950s - before today's Natural Horsemanship movement. Williamson encouraged trainers to be light and balanced in their riding. One of the cornerstones of his ground training and mounted training was the turn on the forehand which many modern clinicians claim is the key to their methods - today it is called by many names such as disengaging or breaking loose the hindquarters or yielding, but it is actually a turn on the forehand.

"Some of the restraint methods in Williamson's book (which were used in the movie, "The Horse Whisperer") are not necessary for normal horse training but here is one of the few books that does discuss them. So for historical interest, this is a legendary book.

"I credit Williamson's book with starting me on the right track - influencing my training philosophies and style to listen to the horse, to work with the horse and not against him, to develop a thorough ground training program. I will try to keep copies of this hard-to-find (out of print) classic available on my website so you too can benefit from Williamson's good advice.

"Other horse books, such as Jesse Beery, Biggle and Gleason are included here for their collectible interest and value. When reading these books, many of them over 100 years old, you'll see some horsekeeping and training methods similar to modern practices. However, you will also read about some veterinary and training procedures that are truly from the dark ages. I know many horse owners and readers, like me, are fascinated with these earlier works, so I offer them for the sake of their historical interest."   Cherry Hill customer commentsCustomer Comments

"I just wanted to let you know that the vintage copy of Breaking and Training the Stock Horse arrived yesterday on his birthday, so fantastic timing. Thank you so much! My dad loved the book." - JS from UK

"The small book is in great shape and has some very interesting information in it. Can not wait to read it from cover to cover." - NL
"Your site is great. Your understanding and answers to my questions has been greatly appreciated. Your accurate and honest descriptions of your items is terrific. The ironic thing is, is that I hardly ever get on the computer, and I just don't internet shop. You are one of only a few sites (all book ones) that I do business with. THANKS a million times over again!!" - Nancy
"I just wanted you to know that I received the Magner's book that I ordered a while ago. I am sorry it has taken me so long to write and say thank you. I was so excited to open it and was entranced while CAREFULLY looking through it. What a wonderful packing job. It was the most thorough and complete I have ever seen. Thank you so much. I will be ordering from you over and over again. Warm Regards" - N
"I received the Jesse Beery books a few days ago, but only opened them today. Fantastic is as good a word as I can think of. Thanks for such a careful packaging job. They arrived in perfect condition, especially given their age." - John

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