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longeing and long lining the English and Western horse

101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises by Cherry Hill

Longeing Book Set
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A Total Program

by Cherry Hill 

hardbound; 221 pages; 250 photos and drawings

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longeing and long lining the English and Western horse

Longeing and Long Lining, English and Western


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     "Simply put, longeing and long lining are safe and time-efficient ways to teach a horse from the ground what he needs to do when he's ridden.  In addition, during ground training, you have the opportunity to form important associations with your horse.  Longeing and long lining can be used to teach your horse to listen to you, stop and be patient, learn how to bend, become proficient in all of his gait transitions, and improve the form of his movement. 
     Longeing and Long Lining the English and Western Horse is a total program.  It describes what you do and why during the ground training of a yearling through an aged, seasoned horse.  Over 250 photographs show you a variety of English and Western horses learning their lessons.  You'll see exactly what type of tack you use and why.  You'll see typical reactions, how to prevent and correct problems, and how to recognize both good and bad working form. 

     Only by being informed can you develop your horse to his full potential. Rather than thinking of longeing (lungeing) as "going around in circles," think of it as a way to establish good, solid habits with your horse.  With this book and its companion volume, 101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises: English and Western, you'll have the foundation you need to help your horse work in a productive form."   


Chapter 1    Longeing is More Than Trotting in a Circle

Longeing Pros and Cons
Minimize Stress
Uses for Longeing
Benefits of Longeing
Some Cautions
Observe and Evaluate Movement
The Self Longe Lesson
The Longe Line Class
Safe Facilities
Round Pen
Arena Footing

Chapter 2   The Master Plan for Trainer and Horse

Formulating the Training Plan
Freedom of Movement
Setting Goals
The Time Crunch
Problems Trainers Commonly Face
Goals as You Longe Your Horse
Forward Impulsion
Overall Balance
Lateral Balance and Bending
Solid, Forward Transitions
Variation within the Gaits
The Gaits
Stronger and Weaker Side
Preparation for a Successful Session
Guidelines for a Training Session
Preparation of the Horse
The Warm Up
The Work
Types of Work
Introducing New Work
The Cool Down
Protecting Yourself From the Elements

Chapter 3   Opening the Lines of Communication

The Aids
Aids vs Cues
Ground Aids
The Natural Aids
Voice Commands
Body Language
The Artificial Aids
The Whip
Whip Talk
The Longe Line
Talking on the Longe Line
Getting a Grip on the Longe Line
Reading the Horse
Learning Behavior
Positive Reinforcement
Negative Reinforcement
Application of Reinforcers
Using Rewards
The Yield as a Reward
Customize Your Training Program
Safe Practices

Chapter 4    In-Hand Work: A Horse in the Hand is Worth Two on the Loose

Tack Position
Forward Movement
Trot in Hand
Slow Down or Stop
Gaining Control of the Horse's Head
Whoa on the Long Line
Turn on the Hindquarters
Turn on the Forehand
Sidepass in Hand
Sacking Out
Obstacle Work
Positioning While Tied

Chapter 5   Tack Tactics

Longe Line
Protective Boots
Snaffle Bit
Snaffle Action
Factors That Affect Bit Action
Thickness of Mouthpiece
Weight of Mouthpiece
Types of Rings or Cheeks
Bit Width Effects
How to Measure for a Bit
The Bridle
Adjusting the Bridle
Side Reins
Girth Loops for Side Reins
Stirrup Keepers
Bucking Strap
Curb Strap-style Longe Strap
Buckle-style Longe Strap

Chapter 6   The Longeing Progression

The Overall Plan for the Young Horse
Longeing Methods
Free Longeing
The Longe Line
Before You Add the Longe Line
Longeing Configuration
Prevent Anticipation
Turning to the Inside
Using a Halter
Longe Line Goals
Using a Bosal
Adding a Cavesson
Fitting the Young Horse with a Bridle
Leading with a Bridle
Side Rein Goals
Methods of Attaching the Longe Line to the Bridle
Introducing Girth Pressure
Adding a Bridle
Use of Side Reins with Longeing
The Benefits of Using Side Reins
Attaching Side Reins to a Surcingle
Attaching Side Reins to an English Saddle
Attaching Side Reins to a Western Saddle
Side Rein Progression
Side Rein Adjustment
Adjustment of the Inside and Outside Reins
Spiral Exercise
Longeing the Trained Horse Prior to Riding
Problems and Solutions

Chapter 7    Long Line Techniques

Tack for Long Lining
Long Lines
Benefits of Long Lining
Styles of Long Lining
Long Reining Progression
Holding and Using Long Lines
Should You Use an Assistant?
Starting Out and Basic Work
Ground Driving the Western Horse
Comments on a Typical Ground Driving Session
Problems and Solutions

  For more information on training the young horse see: 101 Longeing & Long Lining Exercises, English & Western ,
  How to Think Like a Horse , and  Making, Not Breaking 

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