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December 2001

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Sherlock Update:  What is this Swelling?

Footing Part 3: Common Footing Problems

Christmas Sparky Special


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Sherlock: What is this Swelling? 

The Continuing Adventures of Sherlock: All of a sudden Sherlock showed up with a big swelling on the outside of his right forearm one day this month.  Is it an unusually-located case of dryland distemper (pigeon breast)?  An abscess?  A hematoma?  What do you think?  Go here to see a photo, make your guess and then walk through the diagnosis with me.  

Footing Part 3: Common Footing Problems

Two months ago, I began a 5 part series on arena footing, a most important consideration for your horse's soundness and your safety.  To have a productive training session, arena footing must be good.

Good footing gives a horse the confidence to move forward with energy and elasticity.  Poor footing is dangerous and can cause a horse to fall or to move timidly or with resistance.

Certain footing problems tend to occur time and time again.  Knowing about potential issues beforehand can help you design an arena and choose footing and additives that will minimize problems.  Is your footing inconsistent, too hard, too dusty, too deep, too wet, muddy or slippery.  Does it freeze easily?

Read about Common Footing Problems.

Christmas Sparky Special


My husband, artist-blacksmith (photographer, barn-builder, writer, videographer) Richard Klimesh creates some very special horse sculptures which he calls "The Sparky Collection".  I was fortunate to receive the first Wild Sparky for a Valentines Day gift a few years ago.  In fact, I am looking at that Sparky right now on the top of my computer as I write this!  I encouraged Richard to make a limited number of Sparkys for other horse people who find the shape and spirit of Sparky as irresistible as I do. 

Closing Thoughts:
When I was just a baby and barely able to walk, I already was passionate about the feel and smell of horses.  My mom used to say to me as she held me in her arms, 
"If wishes were horses then Cherry would ride."
I wished hard enough and had a supportive family and husband.  Cherish your family and friends this Holiday Season.  We hope all of your wishes come true!  Don't forget to ride!!
Warm Holiday Greetings from Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh

That's it for this month.  Keep your mind in the middle and a leg on each side.


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