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November 2004

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Winter Prep Issue

Get Your Horse Ready for Winter

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This newsletter is a personal letter from me to you, a fellow horse owner and enthusiast.
My goal is to answer some of your questions and send you interesting stories and helpful tips for your horse care, training, and riding.

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Getting Our Horses Ready for Winter

Here at Long Tail Ranch, we have been enjoying the fall weather but know that winter is just around the corner. That's why this past week, each horse received a winter tune up. This included putting tails up, winter shoeing, blanket change, deworming, and a ration evaluation.

Ration Evaluation

For those horses that need a bit more to keep them warm during cold weather or for those horses that are hard keepers, I increase the beet pulp portion and/or the hay portion of their ration by 5-20%.

For more information, see these articles:


I deworm my horses 6 times a year following the schedule outlined in this article:

Winter Shoes

This past week, barefoot horses were trimmed and horses with shoes were outfitted with special rim pads that eliminate snowballing. Read all about winter shoeing options here:

Tails Up for Winter

It is no accident that all of the horses at Long Tail Ranch have thick, long tails. One of the reasons is that when the last fly of the season is gone, I braid the tails and put them up for the winter. Read about my tail care tips here:

Blanket Change

As the weather shifts from summer to fall, I change the horse's sheets from fly sheets to lightweight, waterproof breathable turnout sheets. Soon, I'll be switching some of the horses blankets again to blankets with some insulation. Read all about blanketing in these articles.

Read all of the winter-related articles at the Horse Information Roundup

That's it for this month.
Enjoy the great fall riding weather!!
Cherry Hill

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