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horse barn management design routines facilities tips book

horse barn management design routines facilities tips book

by Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh
photos by Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh
illustrations by Richard Klimesh

The latest addition to
Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Skills Library

Step-by-Step Visual Guides for Every Horse Owner

  • Healthy Hoof Care Practices
  • Horseshoeing
  • Hoof Handling
  • Working with Farriers and Vets

8 1/2" x 11"
151 pages
over 300 photos and drawings

Table of Contents

Excerpt #1

Horse Hoof Care
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Notes from the Authors

1 Hoof Knowledge

Hoof Parts and Function • Hoofology • Hoof Growth and Shape • Hoof Care Hokum

2 Professional Helpers

Why You Need A Farrier • What Makes a Good Farrier? • Finding a Farrier • Why You Need a Veterinarian • Finding an Equine Veterinarian

3 Facilities

Keep Them Dry • Stall Flooring • Bedding • Pen and Pasture • Work Areas • Tying Options

4 Training

Early Hoof Handling Lessons • Picking Up the Feet • Working Positions

5 Management

A Balanced Diet • Exercise for Strong Hooves • Clean and Dry Stalls • Daily Hoof Check • Hoof Cleaning

6 Tack and Tools

Halters • Hoof Cleaning Tools • Hoof Products • Hoof Boots • Shoe Removal Kit

7 Barefoot

To Shoe or Not to Shoe • Should You Pull Shoes For Winter? • Bare Facts • Barefoot Trim • Foal Trimming • Boots for Bare Hooves

8 Horseshoes And Why

Levels of Hoof Care • Reasons for Shoeing • Horseshoe Anatomy • Pads • Hoof Packing Clips • Traction • Winter Shoeing

9 Shoeing And How

Hot or Cold Shoes? • Shoeing Steps • The Horseshoe Nail • New Shoes or Reset?

10 Owner Skills

Know Good Work When You See It • Checking Balance and Heel Length • Looking for Flares and Dishes • Checking Expansion • Evaluating Clinches • Holding a Horse for the Farrier • Removing a Shoe • Temporary Hoof Protection • Applying Hoof Products

11 Hoof Problems and Fixes

Lost Shoes • Hoof Cracks • Thrush • Clubfoot • Long Toe/Low Heel • Contracted Heels • Mismatched Hooves • Stumbling • Forging and Overreaching • Interference

12 Call The Vet

Bruises • Corns • Seedy Toe and White Line Disease • Navicular Syndrome • Laminitis

13 Teamwork

Your Role • Scheduling a Farrier Visit • Keeping A Good Farrier



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