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October 2008

Cherry Hill's
Horsekeeping Almanac

Making, Not Breaking
101 Longeing and
Long Lining Exercises
Longeing and Long Lining
English and Western
How To Think
Like A Horse
Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac
Making Not Breaking by Cherry Hill
101 Longeing and Long Lining Exeercises
Longeing and Long Lining the Western Horse
How to Think Like A Horse by Cherry Hill

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The Continuing Adventures of Sherlock
  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

Ground driving young horseSome of you have written us wondering where Sherlock has been. He's our Akhal-Teke/Quarter Horse gelding that we featured in a training series here on our website from the day he was born.

Well, in spite of our best intentions, we got behind on the series. So many horses, so little time. And then life, family and work also got in the way of Sherlock's chronicle. Can you relate?

So while we were using our other horses, Sherlock mainly enjoyed pasture life. He hung around with our semi-retired gelding, his half-brother Dickens, the bright sorrel gelding that has appeared on and in many of my books.

All of our horses receive regular handling for hoof care, deworming, veterinary care grooming and any individual needs. So Sherlock has routinely been brought in from pasture and has retained his great manners.

But one important note. I took Sherlock up to and through his longeing training, saddling and bridling. But about that time, Richard needed a horse to ride and he also wanted the experience of training a horse, so from ground driving on, its all about the team of Richard and Sherlock.

Here we go with me behind the camera and Richard and Sherlock center stage. We feel this will be of great value especially to those of you training your first horse.


Sherlock's Ground Driving Lessons


  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

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