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September 2005

Your Horse Barn - DVD
Your Horse Barn DVD
Horsekeeping On A Small Acreage
Horse Housing

Horse Information Newsletter from Cherry Hill  E-mail Newsletter Suspended

This newsletter is a personal letter from me to you, a fellow horse owner and enthusiast.
My goal is to answer some of your questions and send you interesting stories
and helpful tips for your horse care, training, and riding.

For over five years, I've sent out a free, monthly informational newsletter to subscribers. Past issues of the newsletter are posted on the Horse Information Roundup

Over the last few months, it has become increasingly difficult and time-consuming for us to maintain such a large subscriber list because of indiscriminate spam blocks and filters on servers including AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail and on personal email programs. Most issues of the last newsletter were returned as undeliverable because of these filters. We have considered the option of charging for the newsletter and hiring someone to maintain the list but first of all, we like the idea of free information and don't like the idea of charging our readers for it. Secondly, we have personally maintained the list and guarded your email privacy over the years, and if we turned our list over to a third party, we couldn't guarantee your email addresses wouldn't be used for other purposes.

Therefore, regrettably, we have to suspend the e-mail version of Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Newsletter. However, I'll post new newsletters to the roundup page so check back regularly. In addition, please enjoy the back issues and look for new articles on the Horse Information Roundup.

Happy Trails.Cherry Hill

Before you copy, forward or post anything from this newsletter or Cherry Hill's Horse Information Roundup, be sure you read this article!

Don't forget to regularly check the Horse Information Roundup at to find information on training, horse care, grooming, health care, hoof care, facilities and more.

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  2006 Cherry Hill 

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