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Cynthia Whitehawk, Apache
Grandmother Shaman Spirit Dolls
from the Grateful Spirit Collection

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Native American Apache Spirit dolls
Raven Dream Keeper
SD64 - $395
Native American Hopi Spirit dolls

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Ancient talismans against all negativity and evil. Embody those who have gone before, representing their strengths, positive energies, and beautiful Spirit. Each doll is infused with tremendous positive energy, awaiting their new homes.

Raven Medicine - Raven carries great responsibility to Spirit and are the messengers of magic and healing from the universe where all knowledge waits for us. Raven also symbolizes changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and perception.

Grandmother Medicine - Grandmother Shaman guides with the ancient wisdom and practical knowledge, ever the kindest of souls, ever the most helpful, a quieting and soothing presence.

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