Arthritis in Older Horses

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Dear Cherry,

My Wife and I have recently taken in a 20 yr old Quarter Horse (gelding) and an 25 yr old Pinto Pony (Mare) from friends who lived in New Hampshire and have since sold there home. Please keep in mind these two horses have been together for over 8 years. Just yesterday the shoe farrier said he has arthritis in his two front knees. He has not been shoed in over 6 years however hoof care was done. What am I up to? Will I be able to ride. I have already ridden him and he does not show any lameness. Is there anything I can do (oils, massages, etc.) Richard

Dear Richard,

Horse For Sale by Cherry HillIt is a good sign that the horse you rode does not show any lameness. You should have your veterinarian take a look at your horses and give you an overall evaluation of their fitness and soundness. He may recommend that you give your horse(s) an daily oral supplement that could ease arthritic pain (such as MSM or glucosamine). I can't really suggest anything since I am not a veterinarian and can't see your horse in person.

I do strongly suggest that you read Horse Hoof Care, Maximum Hoof Power and Practical Guide to Lameness. There you will find the information that will allow you to make informed decisions along with your veterinarian and farrier about the comfort and management of your horses.

Cherry Hill

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