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     I'm so glad I found your page.  I have a few questions Id like to ask you about Boarding Stables. I have had horses for many years - most of which I've had here at home with me. I'm thinking about relocating South to start a Boarding Stable . My question is : What is the market like ?

     Is it a long drawn out thing, waiting for boarders ? I have this idea that things would be great if I just had the land and a nice barn, BUT what kind of problems could I run into ? Like what if someone's horse would die on me ? Is the liability something I should think about ?

     Are boarders a Pain in the butt ? I'm afraid of People wanting to come all hours of the day and night , Wanting to feed their horses without telling me ,fall off their horse and take me to court . Do things like this really happen? How could I avoid this ?

     Thanks R


Dear R:

     There are always a lot of horseowners out there looking for a quality home for their horses - not necessarily fancy but where the horses are well cared for.  It will vary greatly from region to region.

     You will need to spend a good deal of money on fixing up a place and advertising and then wait until your reputation builds.

     And you definitely need to start with the purchase of land and a barn!

     You will need to have boarding contracts, waivers, and other forms drawn up by an attorney specializing in equine law in the state where you will operate your boarding stable.  Each state's laws are different. These are all part of providing a service of any kind to the public.  The safer you run your operation, the less these things have a chance to happen.

     Read the book, Equine Law and Horse Sense by Julie Fershtman.  You can order it from Ms. Fershtman is an attorney that specializes in preventive measures for horseowners. She also has a second book coming out very soon.

     (You can also purchase a copy of either or both books from Horses & The Law Publishing by calling (800) 662-2210 or by sending payment directly to Horses & The Law Publishing at P.O. Box 250696, Franklin, MI  48025-0696.  Equine Law & Horse Sense - $17.95 MORE Equine Law & Horse Sense - $22.95.  $3.50 shipping & handling per book.  Michigan residents add 6% sales tax.)  

     Here is an example of the types of conflicts that can arise between a boarding stable and a boarder (sent in by another horseowner). It is important to have a written agreement to prevent such problems.  Once such problems occur, try your best to smooth things out for the horse's sake and then in future dealings, have a boarding contract that contains terms specific to your situation.

The best of luck in your ventures,


Hi Cherry,  

We have two mares who will be foaling shortly.  They have been outside for their lives, and have recently been moved to another location until foaling.  The pending situation is:

  1.    The boarding stable manager has moved them from a location where they have freedom to exercise in a dry lot, to locking them in stalls with limited exercise.  

2.    They were moved from a location where their only contact was with one another, into a boarding facility with increased exposure to other horses.  

3.    They have gone from daily contact with a small group of individuals, where they have lived for the past couple of years, to a facility offering riding lessons, etc., so lots of new people around.  

4.    She did not bother to check on what or how these mares were being fed, and so, changed their feed overnight.  

5.    She doesn't believe that fescue will cause any problems for a pregnant mare or foal.

  6.    She has clipped the animals, even though the weather is still extremely unpredictable (from 60 degrees one day to snow the next).   

There is lot of hostility at the moment between us and I don't know quite howto proceed.

  2006 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

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