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Cryptorchid Yearling

  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

Dear Cherry,

     I have a 13 month old stallion and want to get him gelded and we were waiting because we can only feel one  testicle.  After reading one of your articles I saw that he may be unilateral or Bilateral Cryptorchid.  Well I would like to know if this complicates the gelding procedure or if I am in to much of a hurry and I should just wait longer.  He is getting very muscular though and I don't want him to be to strong to handle. So am I just being paranoid or is he unilateral Cryptorchid?


Dear Brenna,

     Usually both testicles of a male foal have descended by birth.  Your horse should be examined by a veterinarian to make an official determination but from what you say, it sounds like he could be a unilateral cryptorchid.

     Gelding a cryptorchid requires general anesthesia so the surgery is usually performed at a veterinary hospital rather than on the farm.  The retained testicle(s) can be removed via the inguinal canal, the abdominal wall, or the flank.  There is more risk and expense associated with this type of surgery than a standard gelding procedure.

     You are right - you should take care of this before the horse gets any older.

Good luck

Cherry Hill     

  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

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