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    I have a 6 year old breeding stock Paint mare and I need to sell her right away because my wife is very sick.  I had a guy look at her a couple of weeks ago and he would only offer me $800.00 for her, and he only wanted her for breeding.  I felt that was giving her away, she is broke to ride and is a nice horse. Can you give me some pointers on selling her right away?  I would like to get $1500 out of her but I would settle for $1200. She is definitely worth that.

Thank you,  Jake

Dear Jake:

    Yes, I would think she certainly would be worth what you are asking for her because Paints are HOT!  They command a higher market price than many other stock breeds...even if just used for breeding.  The problem you might have in getting what she is worth is that you need to sell her right away.

    This is going to sound simple but it is very, very true and important. Whenever you are pressed for time to sell a horse, it is less likely that you will find someone who will be willing to pay the horse's worth.  So the best advice I can give you is to take a deep breath and really tell yourself you are not in a hurry and that alone will help you in your transaction.  You won't appear so anxious and that will give you the confidence to ask the price the mare is worth.

    Often people say they are only interested in breeding etc. to justify their lower price offer.  You need to let people know the mare is "versatile" in that she can be ridden or bred.  Of course, be sure she is clean, well presented, and shown by someone who knows horses.  Good luck.

Cherry Hill



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