The Authentic Lucky Horseshoe

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"When a horse throws a shoe the luck is lost with it.
To be lucky, a horseshoe must be worn by a horse until it is removed."

Every one of our Authentic Lucky Horseshoes was on a horse's hoof for several weeks as he traveled the Rocky Mountain Region of the American West. Each shoe was carefully removed by a farrier (professional horseshoer).

Authentic Lucky Horseshoe Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity comes with every
Authentic Lucky Horseshoe.

Authentic Lucky Horseshoe
Raw Lucky Horseshoe
Authentic Lucky Horseshoe
Rusty Lucky Horseshoe
Authentic Lucky Horseshoe
Clean Lucky Horseshoe
Knocked against the anvil to remove loose debris, but dirt and rust remains on the shoe. It doesn't get more real than this!This is a Raw Lucky Horseshoe that was left out in the Colorado sun, rain and snow to rust.A Raw Lucky Horseshoe that has been cleaned and washed to remove most dirt and rust.

Raw Lucky Shoe
$10 each
plus s/h
(Only ships to USA)

Rusty Lucky Shoe
$12 each
plus s/h
(Only ships to USA)

Clean Lucky Shoe
$10 each
plus s/h
(Only ships to USA)

Each lucky horseshoe shoe is very different in size, design, and character. The shape of the shoe will indicate the shape of the horse's hoof that it came from. Unique wear marks can give clues to the terrain over which the horse traveled and also tell about the particular way the horse moved.

Authentic Lucky Horseshoe

Each shoe is wrapped in paper with Authentic Lucky Horseshoe seal.

The Authentic Lucky Horseshoe
makes a great gift
for any occasion !!

  • wedding favor
  • promo gifts
  • reunions
  • party favor
  • retirement
  • anniversary
  • new job
  • lost job
  • get well
  • graduation
  • birthday
  • bat mitzvah
  • bar mitzvah
  • new foal
  • baby shower
  • door prize
  • welcome
  • farewell

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"Just wanted to let you know we received our "Lucky Horseshoe" in the mail. LOVE IT!! It Does look like it just came of the horse. Still dirt & stuff embedded in it. Hope it brings us the Good Luck we need!!! We LOVE horses, & all other animals. Thanks for your wonderful product!! - Mrs. G
"I received the horseshoe today. I love it! Thank you so much." - LJ
"Got horseshoes, love them...and I know they are going to be a big hit at our dinner. Thanks for everything and stay warm!" - J, Florida

"...exactly what I have been looking for. A 'good luck horseshoe' for my daughter and her husbands' new house" - Carol, Ohio


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