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Zuni Indians

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Zuni is the popular name of a Pueblo Indian tribe that now live in western New Mexico. The word "pueblo" has many meanings and does not refer to a particular tribe. It can mean people, race, nation, town, or village. It is said Zunis are direct descendants of the Anasazi who first inhabited the area 1300 years ago.

The Zuni Indian reservation is about 150 miles west of Albuquerque. It comprises 450,000 acres of land and is surrounded by the Painted Cliffs, the Zuni Mountains and the Cibola National Forest. The largest town on the reservation is Zuni Pueblo.

The Zuni speak a unique language, Zunian, and, to this day, maintain a somewhat isolated community life. Religion is of deep significance to Zuni life and many Zuni artifacts relate to religious ceremonies and prayers for rain, fertile soil, abundant harvest and life's marker event.

The Zuni are known for their beautiful hand carved fetishes, jewelry (particularly stone inlay), needlepoint, artwork and pottery.

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