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Native American Jewelry and Artifact Information
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The Kokopelli

The kokopelli, flute player, often associated with the Hopi Flute Clan is the symbol of happiness, joy and fertility. He is often a part of rituals related to marriage, conception and birth and has been a part of the Ancient Pueblo Peoples since Hohokam times (AD 750 – 850)

Usually depicted as a non-gender figure, it was traditionally a male figure, often well endowed until the missionaries discouraged such depiction !

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The kokopelli usually has feathers or a headdress protruding on the top of his head. His legs are dancing in time to his own music.

Kokopelli talks to the wind and the sky. His flute can be heard in the spring breeze, bringing warmth after the winter cold. He is the symbolic seed bringer and water sprinkler. His religious or supernatural power for fertility is meant to invoke rain as well as impregnate women both physically and mentally. He is also associated with fertility of wild animals.

The humbacked kokopelli image is found from Casa Grande, Mexico to the Hopi and Rio Grande Pueblos and then westward to the Californian deserts in prehistoric rock, effigy figures, pottery, and on kiva walls.

Many tribes embrace the kokopelli symbol. Here are some samples of its usage by Hopi, Zuni and Navajo artists.

kokopellit buckle
Hopi Overlay Kokopelli Belt Buckle by Steven Sockyma

kokopelli ring
Navajo Overlay Kokopelli Ring by Calvin Peterson

kokopelli pin pendant
Navajo Sterling Silver Kokopelli Pin Pendant by Robert Vandever

kokopelli pendant
Navajo Kokopelli Inlay Pendant

kokopelli horse
Zuni Horse Fetish with Kokopelli petroglyphs by Tyrone Poncho

kokopelli buckle
Hopi Kokopelli Overlay Belt Buckle by Joe Josytewa


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