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Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation Sterling Silver
Pendant Charms
HK Item #NP677

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Sterling Silver animal pendant charms

Sterling Silver pendant charms


turquoise, coral, jet, mother of pearl, gaspeite, malachite, Read about stones
sterling silver, Read about silver

all stamped Sterling except sunface, which tests as sterling silver

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Sterling Silver Pendant Charms

NP677 - $10 each plus s/h

A cross   
B sunface        
C bear paw       
D gaspeite shadowbox yei     
E malachite  shadowbox yei   

Paula says -"These sterling silver items can be worn as pendants, single earrings or as charms on a charm bracelet."

"In my opinion, these items show all the design characteristics and workmanship of being Navajo made. But because there are no hallmarks that we can attribute to a specific artist we can't legally sell them as Native American made - read more."


Shadowbox is an overlay design technique where there is space between the top and bottom layers of sterling silver creating a 3-dimensional shadow effect. The bottom layer is often darkened to enhance the shadowbox effect.

About Sunface Symbolism

The Sunface is found throughout Zuni art, from jewelry to weavings to pottery. It represents the sunlight and warmth that makes life and growth possible and brings playfulness and joy to children and good fortune and prosperity to families. The center of the circle represents the face of Sun. The two sections of the forehead are typically turquoise and coral and symbolize the continuous cycle of sunrise and sunset. The lower part of the Sunface is mother of pearl with rectangular eyes and round mouth of jet. Bordering the face is a circle of feathers, usually of mother of pearl and jet or coral.

Yei Figure

Yei is a shortened version of YeiBeiChei, a holy figure in Native American cultures. The yei figure symbolizes healing powers.

Yei petroglyphs (rock art) are found in the America Soutwest. Yei figures are often use in healing sand paintings and woven into rugs. The figures can be found depicted standing upright, curved, angled and in a three-sided square.

There are male and female yei figures. Female yei have square heads and male yei are depicted with round heads.

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