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Navajo Sterling Silver
Blue Opal Bracelets, Pendants

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Paula says -

"Here we've put blue opal bracelets and an assortment of pendants so that it will be easier for you to compare and match pieces for sets. Click on each item below to see more details and to order."


Authentic Sterling Silver Native American Navajo Opal Inlay Bracelet

Navajo Sterling Silver opal pendant 
NP336 - $45

OPAL is a naturally blue stone with interior fracturing of light which results in a play of color. Lab opal is a manufactured stone with similar chemical composition as natural opal. Lab opal has much fracturing of light and brilliant colors including blue, pink, purple, red and green. Opal is October's birthstone and is believed to make the wearer less self-conscious, thereby encouraging spontaneous action and awakening one's psyche. Read about stones

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