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Don Jameson - Navajo Sterling Silver
Turquoise Corn Earrings, Pin Pendant
HK Item #NS356

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Paula says: "We waited and waited for these corn pendants and earrings and finally they arrived!!! These tiny hand made works of art were well worth the wait! Order which ever items you want to make up your own corn set."

Authentic Navajo corn post earrings sterling silver and turquoise

Post Earrings
3/4" long x 1/2" wide
NS356-A -
$45 plus s/h


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Pin Pendants


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Authentic Navajo corn pin pendant sterling silver and turquoise

Pin Pendant
1 5/8" long with bail x 1/2" wide
NS356-D -
$50 plus s/h

Sterling silver cable shown is not included. 
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Corn is the symbol of sustenance, the staff of life and is an important symbol of many tribes. Corn is considered a gift from the Great Spirit so its role is both as a food and a ceremonial object. Read more . . .



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