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Horsekeeping LLC ® Policies

Shipping - USA  |  Shipping Upgrades  |  Exchanges and Returns  |  Repairs

We cannot take orders over the phone - here's why.


Because it is a 30 mile round trip to our post office, we only ship twice a week.
Monday (cut-off time for orders is 6 PM Sunday).
Thursday (cut-off time is 6 PM on Wednesday).
Shipping schedule is subject to change due to weather and other factors.

We Only Ship to the USA - No International Orders

We will only ship to a Confirmed Billing address.

Due to the increase in credit card fraud and the inability of payment processors to identify fraud in a timely fashion, we can no longer ship to a different address than your confirmed billing address.

What this means is that when you place an order with us at Horsekeeping LLC, both the billing and shipping address must show the name, street address, city, state and zip code that is on file with your credit card company or PayPal. Your order will be sent to your Confirmed Billing Address. We will not ship to an unconfirmed credit card or PayPal address.

This change is due to the fact that PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover will not protect a merchant who ships to an address other than a confirmed billing address.

But did you know that you can have multiple confirmed addresses (such as your home, work place) associated with your credit card or PayPal accounts? Contact your credit card, bank or PayPal to go through the verification process for adding more confirmed addresses to your account.

We know this change could cause some inconveniences with a few of our customers but there are always solutions.

  • You want us to ship to a work address which is different than your home billing address.

    Solution - add your work address to your credit card or PayPal account before you place your order. Then use that new confirmed address both as the billing and shipping address when you place your order.

  • You want to send a gift.

    Solution - Plan a little further ahead. We will ship the order to you and you can deliver it to your gift recipient.

Shipping Costs - We choose the best method of shipment for you and charge you our actual costs.

For expedited service (read UPGRADE section below) or if you have other shipping questions, please contact Paula at .

Books and DVDs within the USA are shipped by US Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation. For these orders, enter your Post Office address in the Ship To section of your order.

Jewelry and Native American Items are sent via US Mail either First Class or Priority. Please use your postal address for shipping.

Dooney and Bourke. Shipping to the USA is included in the price of the item. Handbags are generally sent via Priority Mail but wallets and small bags might be shipped via First Class Parcel. Please use your postal address for shipping.

Large or Heavy Packages will be shipped via the most appropriate carrier. We will contact you before shipping if we need more information.

Shipping Upgrades

We ship many domestic orders via USPS (US Postal Service) First Class Parcel to save you shipping costs. Delivery time is usually about a day longer than for Priority Mail. There is no guarantee by the US Post Office for Priority Mail delivery time but domestically it usually takes 2-3 days; domestic First Class parcels usually take 3-4 days. Neither we nor the United States Post Office give a delivery date guarantee.

If you want to upgrade to Priority Mail, write us a note in the note box of your order and if you paid by credit card, we will add the extra charge as a reference transaction to your original order. (Depending on weight, size and value, Priority upgrades start at $7).

If you paid by PayPal and want Priority shipping, the quickest way to upgrade a small package is to send $7 to along with your order number and a note that says "upgrade to Priority". If you do not do that or if you have a large or heavy package, we can send you a PayPal request for payment. You will need to watch for the email invoice or log into your PayPal account and pay it - otherwise shipping of your order might be delayed.

Please understand that if you request an upgrade to Priority on Tuesday and our next ship day is Thursday, the package will go out Priority on Thursday (we only ship twice a week, usually Monday and Thursday.)

We do not offer the Priority Express option because from our small rural Post Office, Priority Express is delivered in two days, not one day as in many urban areas. We feel in most cases it is better to choose Priority over Priority Express.

Due to our remote location, we do not have package pickup service from FedEx, UPS or USPS. We must drive 30-80 miles, depending on the location of the carrier's drop off point, in order to send a package. Therefore, an upgrade to overnight services will only be possible if your need coincides with a planned trip to town or to the post office.

If you have any questions, please contact Paula at .

Shipping - USA  |  Shipping Upgrades  |  Exchanges and Returns  |  Repairs

We reserve the right to revise our policies at any time.

Revised February 21, 2020

Thank you,

Paula, Manager
Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh
Horsekeeping LLC

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Shipping - USA  |  Shipping Upgrades  |  Exchanges and Returns  |  Repairs

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