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Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation
    Paula's Vintage Dooney & Bourke Blog

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation

2019-2020 Comments
from Our Customers and Readers
"I wanted to let you know I did receive the D&B bag today. It's really nice and such good condition. Very happy it. Thanks for the fast shipping; I appreciate it." - Cheryl

"I made my first purchase (Bear with fish fetish Carving of Turquoise) from Horsekeeping back in June, & just received my second order (Zuni bear Number 8 Turquoise Bear Fetish Carving). I am VERY HAPPY with both of my purchases! Thank you for your careful packing and prompt shipping. I have been reading many of your articles, and truly appreciate you sharing your expertise. (I am learning so much.) I feel confident ordering from Horsekeeping because of your knowledge and honesty/transparency. I originally stumbled upon the website through a search that found one of the sold fetishes-so a great idea to keep them on the page. I will definitely be back!" - Sally
"I received my package yesterday, absolutely no delay! In fact, I was surprised to receive it so soon. The barrettes are beautiful and I love them, looking forward to more transactions!" - Karen
"I received my items They are beautiful ?? I was thinking the horses We're a pair You were showing the other side." - JoAnn
"Just wanted to let you know that my pipe arrived here Monday, 3:30 PM Los Angeles time so it was super quick, even with the mail delays. Thanks again, Iíll be ordering more things soon." - Steve
"I received the magnificent Pete Sierra bracelet on Friday. I'm so pleased with it, and it will be treasured for many years to come. He is an artist that I have been following for quite some time, so I was fortunate to have come across your website." - Suzanne
"I received the incredible bracelet by Cyrus Josytewa and it is everything I hoped it would be....just perfect. I'm really impressed by the quality of the piece.....excellent craftsmanship! Thank you so much." - Roxy
"I got my shadow bracelet today I Love it! Thank you?? JG
"I just wanted to inform you that the bracelet I purchased arrived today! It is beautiful! Iíve purchased other items from your company before, and Iíve always been pleased with the quality of the items and the care placed into shipping them." - Joan
"The two purses I ordered arrived safely. They are beautiful - thank you so much!" - Pamela
"I received my order. The items are lovely! Just as pictured and described. Very happy with my purchase." - Belinda
"Just wanted to let you know i received my baby rattle. As always- beautiful!" - Paula
"I am so happy and grateful to own such a beautiful set of kachina squash blossom necklace I LOVE IT!!!!!!??" - JoAnn
"Watch arrived today.... It is stunning!!!! Verry happy with purchase." - Liz
"Got my bracelets and ring. Love them all but the ring is just what I wanted to go with my dry creek bracelet and pendent." - Tana
"Hello, the little pipe arrived today, very nice, I am happy with it." Walther
"I received my horse yesterday. Itís very nice and itíll be a treasure addition to my collection of Albert Eustaceís carvings." - Mickey
"I received my bracelet the other day. It's beautiful." - Patricia
"Wow, I must compliment you on how beautifully packaged it was! Very nice! And I am very happy with the necklace. Itís perfect for an upcoming occasion. Thank you for your great service. Linda
"I just wanted you to know that the turquoise and silver cross I purchased just arrived. Thank you. It is very well made, and very beautiful. Iím really happy with this purchase. Iíve purchased other items from horsekeeping and Iíve never been disappointed!" - Joan
"I received my pipe bowl, Thank you for making sure that these pipe bowls get to where they need to be. May Great Spirit bless you and your organization! I am grateful that the pipe is available to us who work collaboratively to make a cooperative world with peace and Hope!" - Marilyn
"I just wanted to let you know I received my D&B handbag and love it! I bought several from you about 5 or 6 years ago or longer and I was happy to see that you are still selling them." - Maryann
"I love the bears. They are so unique. Thank you for packing them so carefully. Your shop is wonderful, so full of great offerings and so full of knowledge and respect." - Rebecca
"The Horse Whisperer bracelet that I got for my husband is even better than I expected! The size and the weight of it is heavy and masculine and looks great on my husband's wrist and he is a large man." - RS
"OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! My necklace, bracelet, and the "extras" arrived today. The necklace is so amazing. I've worn it all afternoon ?? ?? It is just an amazing piece and hangs beautifully?? The bracelet is such a great piece also....very unique and nice aging!!! The stones in both pieces just make me happy!! ?? Yes, wearable art is so fun!!!! And as usual, you did a tremendous job packing/shipping!!!" - MM
" Thank you for the malachite and sterling grasshopper pin I received a couple of weeks ago, I love it! It's sitting on a hat I wear. When I am employed again, I would love to be ordering much more from you all." Susan
"My pipe stem arrived on Saturday. It is beautiful and I love it. I have taken your kind advice and applied the lemon oil. It really brings it to life. Thanks for your time, energy and investment in getting the right pipe stem for me." - Sue
"Thank you for the check. It has been a pleasure working with you on this transaction! You made the disposition of my husbandís jewelry rather painless." - Sandy
"I received my horse fetish today. It is beautiful. I have two now. Looking for a Palomino color one next." - Christine
"I received my bracelet and love it! Itís REALLY nice and exceeds my expectations, for sure! Thanks so much!" - Deblan
"I picked-up the necklace this morning. It is even more beautiful in person! I certainly appreciate the double boxing & expert packing. I will treasure this always! Thanks So Much!!" - Dwayne
"The pipe that you sent to me has arrived safely and it is very beautiful and precious." - CY
"Just received the medicine bag and am very happy with it. Thank you very much." - Kirk
"My necklace was delivered today! Itís so beautiful- I love it! Thanks so much for packing it so carefully. It arrived in perfect condition." - Janis
"Just letting you know that my jacla arrived yesterday and it is beautiful." - Carole
"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience! My "mother's day bracelets" were beautiful and your efficient tracking system made the whole process even more fun. I look forward to shopping with you again!" - Carolee
"I received my order today! Thank you very much! I love the necklace!" - Cindy
"My jingle set is here. It is beautful.. Love it. Will order again." - Cathy
"I received the Earline Bowannie Zuni Inlaid Bracelet. It's beautiful. Thanks for selling the beautiful piece. GheeeezÖ.brand new. I hadn't seen any of her stuff available anywhere as new." - John
"My bracelets and fabric came today--beautiful! I'm thrilled with everything, thanks so much! And, you are an Olympic-level packager Awesome! Will definitely keep an eye out. You have beautiful things, and I wish you much success." - Ida
"My newest sage bag arrived today and I really love it! The artwork is so impressive! Thank you again for everything," - Kris
"Absolutely love the ketoh!" - Stacie
"I don't know if I let you know, but I loved the ghost beads I ordered from you. I wear nearly every day. Beautiful." - Mari
"My ring has arrived...perfect. I am so pleased." - C.L.
"Got the medicine bags and they are beautiful. And thank you for the cute magnet." - Pauline
" The cross came and I really love it and I know my daughter will too." - Candace
"I received my medicine bags today. They really are very nice! I love both of them! Thank you!" - Kris
"Picked up the pipe stem this afternoon with much gratitude. A bit of filing/sanding on the insert end is all that's needed to fit my pipe bowl. Greatly appreciate your careful packing & trackable shipping." - Edwin
"The dream catcher arrived in perfect condition and your customer service is excellent. Thank you very much." - Rob H.
"Got my order. Love Ďem! Cool move with tape on bubble wrap. Thanks!" - Jana
"I have received my pipe in good condition. I look forward to the inaugural smoke. It will be used as my prayer pipe, my chanupa." - CB
"I received my bears today. Both are great! Thank you for everything!" - Kris
"I recvd your beautiful necklace, yesterday. It is awesome! Thank you for your outstanding business/customer services and jewelry. I do appreciate it very much." - Terry
"I received my bracelet today! Wow,..I definitely chose the right one! The settings are beautiful! Thought the leather band was going to be larger and a bit bulky looking, but itís perfect! Itís on my wrist now, and I love it!!! You have a wonderful online business! Thanks again for another great piece of jewelry!" - Deblan
"I recvd your awesome beaded belt buckle, yesterday. Wowser! Bowser! It is Awesome! I will be wearing it at this year's Ventura County Fair. I know, the rest of the cowboy's will be checking it out! Probably even ask me, where did I get it at. I will tell them. For sure. Thank you! I do appreciate it very much. Thank you for your time spent on me. I do appreciate your outstanding business/customer service's and jewelry to boot. Thank you and take care." - Terry
"My bag is Beautiful!! Thank You so very much. Shared your info ladies that I know that love Vintage Dooney and Bourke bags." - S.N.
"I received my order [trade pipe] several days ago, and Iím very pleased with the merchandise." - P M
"Received the package yesterday and what an amazing piece. Love the necklace and to own a Tommy Singer piece is priceless. Tks so much !!!" - Pauline
"I received my pipe stem and bowl yesterday. I love it! The little bowl is beautiful! Iím very happy and will continue to shop with you in the future!" - Patsy
"Just to let you know a great job on the R.T. Feather that I purchased from you and came Thru the mail in very good condition as to how it was shipped and care to see that it was protected >From getting damaged in the mail" - Clint
"My package arrived today in perfect condition. The longhorn bull is perfect for its intended use and the feather charms are beautiful." - Susan
"Thank you for the Navajo pearls necklace. I love everything about it! It was a pleasure doing business with you." - AS
"I'm just sending a very quick email to let you know the [Lakota smudge] feather I'd ordered arrived this past weekend. It's beautiful." - Karen
"The owl fetish arrived in today's mail. I love him!" - Kathy
"My coral necklace arrives today. Itís fabulous! I can hardly wait to receive the lapis piece. Stay warm and thank you again!" - Kris
"I am wearing the hidden bear necklace as I type this. It is a stunning piece. (Makes me happy)." - Kathy
"The package arrived just a few minutes ago and all is in tact and secure. My husband likes the bolo ties very much. Even though we are in Australia, my husband is from California, and Apache. Now I will save up for one of your other beautiful pieces." - R.W.
"Tab necklace arrived yesterday. Magnificent! Thanks much." - G. W.
"The Pipe Bowl has arrived safely and what a Great Beauty she is. Mr. Monroe is an amazing artist. Please bring my warm thanks to him, to all the good People of The Horsekeeping and thank you so much for your great help." - T.K.
"I am very pleased: the fetish of the horse, Bernard Laiwakete is truly lovely, and the shipment was prompt and safe. Thank you very much." - Gale
"The medicine wheel arrived safely (ahead of their estimated delivery date!) and is in perfect condition. Thanks so much." - Pete
" This order [vintage turquoise heishi choker] arrived safely and on time. Thank you very much, I love it." - Jen
"I received my Dooney & Bourke double outback bag today and it is BEAUTIFUL!! It was packed so well & is in even better shape than it looked in the pictures in your website!! Thank you so much & I will definitely be making more purchases in the future!!" - Jennifer
"This is a fabulous set, and Iím most pleased with the size of the pendent (larger than I thought) and thickness of the strands. Thank you!" - K R
"Received chanupa, I have made a total of 5 in my life and now my hands aren't steady enough. This man made a beautiful pipe, one I am proud enough to give to my granddaughter. Thank you." - Rick
" I received my order today, and everything looks wonderful thank you. Thank you for all the information you have available online for care and instructions on the pipe pieces. I wasn't sure what length of stem to by, this one seems a little short, but I think it may end up being perfect. If not, I know I can always buy a longer one from your site. I can see me ordering a larger quantity of sage and sweet grass in the near future ??. Thank you again!" - Rebecca
"My [vintage] cuff arrived yesterday afternoon. I absolutely adore it! It is perfect! Thank you so much for your excellent communication and working with me on the price. I will definitely recommend you to friends in the future and will be doing some more shopping for myself as well. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do!" - Suzanne
"Received the beautiful tigers eye ensemble of bracelet, earrings and pendant today! Even prettier than the pictures." - Karen
"Hi - package received - necklace is fantastic!" - Carol
"Love, love, LOVE all four of my rings! The square one is really nice, and the huge one is nicely done. Wow!" - Kris
"I received the mother of pearl squash blossom necklace & bracelet this afternoon. I love, love, love them!! Thanks so much for speedy processing & delivery. Your website is very organized & easy to use & I will check it occasionally as your stock is beautiful. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!!" - Linda
"Speaking of lovely jewelry, my 2 rings arrived this afternoon, OMG - so much sweeter because one of them was free. They are each a perfect fit for my ring finger - I'm wearing both as I type this (one on each hand, of course) - Once again, you and the behind the scenes folks at Horsekeeping LLC have surpassed yourselves. I love that they are both by the same artist - and quietly eye-catching." - Kathy
"Thank you for the beautiful horse fetishes. They are a gift to a close friend who getting married. These horses will represent the future life together. Again, thank you." - Jesse
"I may look at perry Null but always buy at HK because trust, honesty and ethics mean everything to me. And have to say my favorite piece is the bracelet I purchased from you. Looks beautiful and has amazing energy. I feel like a guardian of these treasures. Thank you for being who you are.... everyday , how you treat people, your customers, honors your parents." - Carla
"Recently I purchased a tufa cast zia pendant made by G. Custer from Horsekeeping. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I love it. I have been travelling to New Mexico for a good number of years and I have a very interesting collection I have accumulated in the process, but this new piece is my favorite. I simply love it and wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying wearing it. I have followed your blog for a long time but this was my first purchase. I am thrilled with it. Thanks for everything." - Hal
"I rec'd my repaired necklace & the 3-stone ring that was my first purchase from you, back from Diane Radeke & Henry Yazzie today. He did a great job on necklace. He replaced the ring band, with stamping. Both great jobs. Thank you for the referral. I have a bag of more pieces needing simple repairs I will be mailing to them. It's great to have a silversmith (Native).... my local silversmith died yrs ago/dont know any more around here. Thanks again!" - An
"The package with the two dream catchers just arrived. Thank you so, so much! I really appreciate how quickly and well you filled out this order." - RG
"I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I received my order quickly, well wrapped and packaged." - Judy
"My animal fetish necklaces arrived today and I absolutely love them! Thank you so much, and for shipping them so quickly." - Elizabeth
"I sincerely want to thank Paula for the handling of my turquoise jewelry. She is very knowledgeable, patient with all my questions, and responded quickly. The transaction was nice and easy. I definitely recommend Horsekeeping." - Christine
"The order you sent was received on time and carefully packaged. The buttons are beautiful. I am delighted to have a new source for Native American jewelry, good quality vintage buttons, conchos and butterflies are rare. These are wonderful treasures. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing." - K H
"We have an agreement at $1050. A check can be made out in my name and mailed to my adddress You've been great to work with. I must say the ease of the entire process was amazing." - Kristina
"I just received my pin/pendant, and it's a beauty! Thanks for everything." - Sharon
"Received the two rings and they do not disappoint - so happy to have them." - Karen
"Thank you for sending my order so promptly. It arrived beautifully and packed well. Love the earrings as they match my 15 horse fetish necklace! Main large horse is green serpentine. I am so happy to have matching earrings. Thank you again for great customer service." - Amy
"The necklace is lovely. I have never owned a necklace with large pieces or turquoise. Usually I wear silver beads or the turquoise as a pendant. I believe I will quite enjoy wearing it. I am glad I happened onto your site." - Elaine
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work you do! My wife brought me back a beautiful rattle you made and it has a place of honor hanging near my Grandfather's picture. He would be pleased! His mother (my great grandmother) was a doctor for the Nez Perce. These days some of us old folks seem to live in 2 different worlds. We send e mails but still get to feel alive and free in the wild places. Thank you for the beautiful reminder! - DM
"Thanks Paula for this beautiful Medicine Wheel I received today.I will be buying more from you very soon." - Phil
"Just to let you know that my latest purchase arrived safely yesterday. I added THAT necklace to the mix and the overall affect is really gorgeous. Many thanks." - Kathy
"I just ordered my 4th doll of yours! I ordered the red beaded dolls for myself for Christmas. Cheers!" - M.G.
"Received the necklaces and wow. Scored some beautiful pieces. Tks. And appreciate the excellent packing you do." - Pauline
"This order arrived safely and on time. Thank you very much, I love it." - Jennifer
"The medicine wheel arrived safely (ahead of their estimated delivery date!) and is in perfect condition. Thanks so much." - Pete
"My package has arrived safely. I am very pleased: the fetish of the horse, Bernard Laiwakete is truly lovely, and the shipment was prompt and safe. Thank you very much." - Gale
"Just to let you know the package arrived today in fine condition. The fetishes are wonderful and an excellent addition to my collection. Thank you!" - Nicki
"I received the Heartline Bear pendant today. It's wonderful." - Roberta
"I got the necklace today and it looks great! Thank you so much." - Patrick
"The mail came early today and WHOOPEEE, what beautiful jewelry just arrived for me! I'm already wearing the butterfly cuff (fits like it was made for me) and am planning my clothes for the next few days to go with my new bolo, stamped pillow necklace, and malachite squash. THANK YOU SO MUCH." - M. K.
"Just a note to let you know that I received the order [necklace extenders] yesterday. It was packed well & arrived in great condition. Thanks so much!" - Dwayne
"Package arrived a day early. Bracelet [Dino bone] is beautiful! Fast shipping and perhaps most important outstanding customer service. Questions answered promptly." - Charles
" I got the big box this afternoon. Wow, that was quick! Of course I unpacked everything right away and found it all to be exactly what I was hoping it would be. The squash necklace is even bigger and heavier than I thought. Amazing, really. Wonderful! I really love the turquoise buckle and fittings on it. The snake bolo is really going to be fun to wear necklace-like with a shirt (my husband may want to wear it, too). The little blackbird carving is really cute." - Ellen
"I got the little Dooney Big Duck today and itís even better than I hoped!" - Sue
"This necklace knocks it out of the ballpark! The detail is exceptional, overall, itís fantastic! Thank you again for a great find!" - KR
"Thank you so much, I live everything [Rings and Medicine wheel]! I received my order today." - An
" the package [3 fetish bears] arrived yesterday in excellent condition. I am very pleased with the purchase! - Harrison
"I am loving the Navajo beads from the last order - they immediately became one of my favorite necklaces. I have two pairs of plain squash blossom earrings from years ago (always my go-to earrings because they go with anything) and the fancy ones will be a good addition along with the water/peyote birds. I'm so glad I found your store. I really like the fact that you always give honest information about origins, materials, designs, etc. and, importantly, complete info on all relevant dimensions. Thank you for enabling my NA jewelry obsession." - Ellen
"I got my ponies and I just love them they're beautiful thank you so much have a wonderful Mother's Day." - Shelli
"Got the tamp today folks and I thank you. Thank you again." - john
"II received the package [pipes and tampers] with your beautiful work." David
"The Tommy Singer necklace is fantastic! Very much a statement piece. And the eagle is great, very nice workmanship. I like how they utilized the turquoise. So happy! Thank you again." - Kris
"Just want to let you know that everything arrived safely, and I love all of the bracelets. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to acquire a beautiful collection of vintage NA bracelets! Now I will need to slowly bring other categories up to the bracelet level, so you may see me again from time to time." - Ellen
"I have received your 3 bracelets which are lovely! Thank you so much!" - Frederique
"I recently bought a rouge color bag from you guys in your grab bag listings. Just wanted to comment for anyone considering Vintage Doomey & Bourke this is the place to go. She is beautiful and the All Weather Leather is a classic. This rouge girl has many good years life left." - Lisa
"I received my two bracelets today!!!! They are beautiful! Thank you so much and I will be shopping with you again in the future." - Joann
"I received the [concho] belt today and I love it. Thanks for your help in this!" - Lori
"Just want to let you know that the "old" shipment arrived yesterday, and everything is great. The turquoise and coral bracelet is even nicer than I expected, and its fits perfectly! It is very different from anything else I have. " - Ellen
"I received my order today, and am very pleased with the barrettes. Thank you so much." - . Claudia
"My gorgeous [Mexican] bracelets have arrived and I love. Love, love them. I am so pleased. Packing was very secure, Thank you." - Maree
"Both packages (bracelet and pipe) just arrived in fine shape. Thanks so much for all your help, enjoy the spring." - BK
"The pipestone bracelet has arrived safely and intact.Your packaging is first class!We are exceptionally pleased with the bracelet,especially as it is a silver wedding present from my wife.Once again,many thanks." - ,M. W..
"The jaclas arrived in great shape. Thanks for the sturdy packaging. They are so beautiful! Donít you wish these old pieces could talk and tell you where theyíve been and what theyíve seen?" - Deb
"I really appreciate how you post photos in order of SIZE (so I donít waste time falling in love with something only to find out it wonít fit me)." - M
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