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Your Horse Barn - DVD Video
Planning - Designing - Building


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...this is an excellent reference set.
The American Quarter Horse Journal, November 2008

CHERRY HILL SHARES FOUR HOURS WORTH of information about where to site your barn, how to lay it out, construction material recommendations, and much more. It's always nice to get ideas that one may be able to use in the future or use to tweak an existing facility.

The DVDs are easily navigated, detailed and great format for this type of information, as you can pause at any point to study a construction detail or wonder "what is that over there."

Features like ventilation and lighting are often afterthoughts, and these things are important, particularly with regard to the comfort of your horses and maintaining show coats or manipulating heat cycles. Details like stall size and flooring material greatly affect Your operating costs. Bigger stalls need more bedding unless you're using mats. Primary flooring/base material of the stall area may need to be different from the areas in the tack room, feed room, and aisleways.

One thing I have noted is that a matted aisle is very pleasant for the horses and people as well - no clatter, no slipping, a little cushion. Yet cleaning a wide concrete aisle is very easy and the wide spacing is always a good idea.

lf you are building your first barn, this is an excellent reference set. The needs of a private owner will differ from those of a boarding stable, but there are a lot of common features that make life easier for both. A two-horse barn should be as well thought-out and designed as a 20-horse stable. Look for ideas here. - Pat Ingram

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