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Monte Foreman Horse-Training Science by Monte Foreman

Horse-Training Science - CBMF400
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Monte Foreman Horse-Training Science by Monte Foreman

Table of Contents

Foreword by Monte Foreman
Preface by Patrick Wyse
1 The Foreman Philosophy of Training
2 The Physical Ability of the Horse
3 The Mental Ability of the Horse
4 Bits and Bit Accessories
5 Saddles
6 The Rider
7 The Turn on the Forehand
8 The Side Pass
9 Leads
10 Posting at the Trot and the Natural Depart to the Correct Lead
11 The Drop to Trot Lead Change
12 The Natural Flying Lead Change
13 Balanced Stops
14 The Rollaway from the Lead
15 The Same Lead Roll and out the Opposite Lead
16 The Same Lead Roll
17 The 360 Degree Roll
18 The 180 Degree Roll to the Correct Lead
19 Spins
20 Afterword

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Monte Foreman's
Horse-Training Science

by Monte Foreman and Patrick Wyse

  • University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma
  • First edition, 8th printing
  • Hardbound book with dust jacket
  • 11 1/4" x 9"
  • 144 pages
  • Indexed
  • Step by step instructions with more than 300 illustrations and drawings
  • Like New - No stains, writing, tears, damage
  • A real collector's item

Monte Foreman Horse-Training Science by Monte Foreman

Monte Foreman Horse-Training Science by Monte Foreman

Cherry says:

"I had the opportunity to ride in a Monte Foreman clinic in the 1970s in Alberta, Canada. It was real western! He was a master of timing and balance and was a great teacher and a real character."

From the back cover:

"Horsemen owe Monte Foreman a debt of gratitude and recognition..." - Jimmy A. Williams

"I have learned a lot from many people, but Monte's methods have stood the test of time and have proved to be very helpful to beginners and professionals alike." - Doug Milholland

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