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April 2005
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Horse Information Newsletter from Cherry Hill Horsemanship

Horse Information Newsletter from Cherry Hill The Profession of Judging

Horse Information Newsletter from Cherry Hill Ask Cherry - Road to the Horse results

This newsletter is a personal letter from me to you, a fellow horse owner and enthusiast.
My goal is to answer some of your questions and send you interesting stories and helpful tips for your horse care, training, and riding.

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Horsemanship - Which Ship are You On?

What is horsemanship? In the show ring, horsemanship is described (such as by AQHA) as a class "to evaluate the rider's ability to execute, in concert with their horse, a set of maneuvers prescribed by the judge with precision and smoothness while exhibiting poise and confidence, and maintaining a balanced, functional, and fundamentally correct body position." The horse and rider should work in complete unison; there should be subtle aids and cues. This type of horsemanship involves showmanship and hopefully, sportsmanship. Today, show ring horsemanship is primarily for exhibition.

When talking about everyday horse training, horsemanship takes on a different emphasis.

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The Profession of Judging

What Makes a Good Judge

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Since I was a horse show judge for over 25 years, often I am asked by people interested in the profession what it takes to become a good horse show judge.

My reply is a simple description but a hard bill to fill. A good judge is someone who is a keen observer and able to make sound decisions.

Many traits are needed to be a successful judge. The characteristics can be, for the sake of discussion, divided into physical attributes, intellectual capabilities, emotional tendencies, and moral standards.

PHYSICAL health is an essential. The task of standing for eight to ten hours in the center of an arena full of circling horses can be tiring and taxing. Only a person with strength and stamina should attempt it. A judge needs to have sound feet and a healthy back to tolerate long hours in a rather immobile stance.

Keen eyesight and quick reflexes enable a person to accurately observe and record mentally, or clerically if necessary, the details in the show ring.

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Ask Cherry

Road to the Horse Results

Hi Cherry

Several of us attended the Road to the Horse in Murfreesboro in early March. As one of the judges could you explain to us why the competition was placed the way it was?

Thank you

Dear JMC,

You pose a good question. I've asked the management of the event if I could explain a bit about the judging system and they were glad for me to do so.

The judging criteria was developed by the 2004 judges and the management.

Each of the 5 judges gave scores for many individual categories in each of the following segments. Our score sheets were picked up after each segment and a running total was kept by management over the two days but we never knew how our individual points were adding up.

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That's it for this month.
Roll up your sleeves. Spring is here!

Cherry Hill

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