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August 2006

Games On Horseback
Games on Horseback
Your Pony, Your Horse
Dream Horses Poster Book
Horse Games and Puzzles for Kids

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  Time for Kids !!   -

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  Games on Horseback
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An important part of everyone's life is their time spent as a kid playing games and puzzles and learning about animals.
An important time in parents' lives is when their kids are busy playing games and puzzles !

There are books and DVDs on our site written especially for kids and this
First Annual Horsekeeping Newsletter for Kids
features excerpts from just a few of them!

Have Fun !

The Horse-El Caballo is a Journey for Kids on DVD. Watch over 101 beautiful mini-movies about horses and learn to read and speak in English or Spanish at the same time ! Read about it here:

Please visit our Kids Page for all things kid:


Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids is an easy to understand guide (available in both English and in Spanish) for kids and a favorite of parents! It explains what is involved in the care and handling of a horse or pony and includes behavior, choosing a horse, horsekeeping, feeding, health care, grooming, safety, and horse care calendar.

 Excerpt: What is grooming, anyway? Why does a horse need it? What tools do I need to do it? Find the answers on this page - Grooming and Bathing, and in Spanish here, La limpieza e el bao.
 Excerpt: "I hope you take my advice to heart so your child's experience will be safe and will add to the development of his or her character." - a note to parents from author Cherry Hill.

 Excerpt: "I wrote this book especially for you - to help you learn how to take the very best care of your horse buddy." - a note to kids from author Cherry Hill.


Riding for Kids answers important questions that everyone must know to ride safely. Knowing basic horse "traffic rules", for example, can help riders avoid accidents and embarassment.

Excerpt: Read Ring Rules to find out "Which way do I go?"


Horse Showing for Kids is full of advice for having fun and success at horse shows. When getting ready for a horse show, it's important to plan ahead so that you remember to take everything. And it's just as important to keep track of your stuff while you are at the show.

 Excerpt: Check out this sample checklist that can help you keep it together.


Games on Horseback is chock full of all types of games and drills and races for one rider and for groups of kids and their horses.

Excerpt: How smoothly can you and your horse ride? Find out during the Root Beer Race !!


Barnyard Games and Puzzles were created by two experienced puzzle makers who have designed a variety of puzzles specifically for five-to eight-year-old readers.

 Excerpt: Solve this puzzle Sick Daze to answer the question, "Why did the mama horse feel sick?"


Horse Games and Puzzles for Kids will keep you busy for hours drawing horse faces, finding lost horseshoes, solving riddles and sorting out word games.

Excerpt: Fill in the words to these pictures to finish the Motion Pictures.


There are 3 big poster books (9 3/8" x 12") waiting for you in our book stable: Dream Horses, Horse Breeds, and Horses and Friends. Each book has 30 full-color posters of horses on heavy paper - perfect for framing or for pinning to your bulletin board, wall, ceiling or stable.

Excerpt: A very alert grey horse and his white goat pal.


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