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July 2001

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Trouble at the Electronic Corral

National Farriers Week




  2009 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

    Those of you that have a website know that developing and maintaining a website takes a lot of time and work.  And that's when things go smoothly.  For the last year, we've had some snafus with our dial up service (including the recent change that does not allow us to mail out the Horsekeeping newsletter) so we recently changed ISPs from to ATT.  Then our domain host (also made some major technical errors which resulted in our domain being down and our horsekeeping e-mail program not working.

Besides running Long Tail Ranch, we've been forced to spend a great deal of time this month gettting things shifted over related to e-mail and now we are looking for a new domain host for our site.  So that is why this newsletter is late, short and sweet.


   Hopefully by next month, we will be settled with a new domain host and things will run smoothly so we can spend more time providing you with information on the care and training of your horse.

National Farriers Week

   July 8-14 has been designated National Farriers Week by the American Farriers Journal.  Like everyone else, our farriers deserve a pat on the back in appreciation and recognition of their dedication, hard work, and expertise.  Farriers play a very important, regular role in the health and well-being of our horses.  If you have ever trimmed the hooves of just one horse, you know it is hard work. 

   Many farriers invest much time and money to improve their education in equine anatomy, therapeutic shoeing, and continually hone their skills in forging specialized shoes and working closely with owners and veterinarians to provide horses with Maximum Hoof Power. 

   National Farriers Week is a time to acknowledge your farrier.  You can show your appreciation many different ways, such as with a card, a small gift, a tip, or a batch of your farrier's favorite cookies.  I've been fortunate to have the same excellent farrier for over 25 years.....all right, so Richard Klimesh also happens to be my husband!  Well, this year, I commemorated my appreciation for his dedication and fine work by making him a diorama of a farrier at work in a barn, complete with tiny anvil and tools, quench bucket, hose, hay bales, midget working thermometer (showing the 100 degree temps we've had here lately!), along with the requisite farrier fuel of Coke and snacks.  On the barn wall in the diorama is a mural of my 7 horses who benefit from Richard's premium hoof care services.  I'll admit, making the diorama was such fun that in some ways, it was more of a "gift" for me!  I really did have a blast working with the miniatures.  But Richard really thought it was cool too and it has a special place in his office now.  I also told Richard I'd cook him anything (NO EXCEPTIONS) that he wanted to eat for one week, even if it was BBQ ribs or buffalo burgers every day!  Plus I'd make a week of any dessert he wanted.  Now that is a gift near and dear to any farrier's heart!  He's given me the list and I see that I'll be spending the week grilling and making peach cobblers!

   Really, the best way you can say thanks to your farrier is to have well mannered horses, provide a good place to work, keep your appointments and pay your bills on time.  To read more about maintaining a good relationship with your farrier, read Working with Your Farrier and all the other hoof care articles on the Horse Information Roundup.  You can become thoroughly educated in the areas of hoof care and movement by reading Maximum Hoof Power.


    If you haven't evaluated your deworming program lately, I suggest you do it.  Make a schedule and stick to it.  Take into consideration the arrival of the seasons in the area that you live when it comes to strategically planning when to use a boticide such as ivermectin.  Don't forget to use the double-dose Strongid paste (pyrantel pamoate) in your rotation program to rid your horse of tapeworms.  Although not a huge problem with horses, there are increasingly greater numbers of tapeworm cases being reported.  You can read all about developing an effective deworming program in my article "Dewormers".


   That's it for this month.  Remember to take the time to enjoy your horse.  After all, that's the reason most of us got into horses in the first place!

  Keep your mind in the middle and a leg on each side.

" A good horse and a good rider are only so in mutual trust."


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