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September 2001

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Goodbye Summer - Hello Fall !
Gelding and Aftercare


Where did the summer go?

As we were putting our winter's supply of hay in the barn the other day and talking about the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, it suddenly occurred to me that summer had flown by ! That's not such a bad deal though because the best horse season of all is upon us. As far as I am concerned, a ride in autumn has no equal. Crisp temps. Crunchy leaves under hoof. Very few flies. Maybe we'll see you along the trail !
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The August and September 2001 issues of Western Horseman contain a tour of my barn. Part One covered orientation, dimensions, materials, stalls, feed room, wash rack, tack room and much more. I posted the text from Part One with the August 2001 Horsekeeping Newsletter and on the Horse Information Roundup under Facilities at

Part Two focuses on the details - hooks, stall latches, bumpers & rollers, door hinges and latches, and blanket and hangers. Since Part Two was run as a photo gallery with captions, it really wouldn't do you any good to read the captions without the accompanying photos so instead of posting just the captions, I suggest you get a copy of the magazine (currently on the newsstand or in many libraries) if you are interested in seeing the details of my barn. (When we move to our new server, we will have room to post more photos. Hopefully that change will occur smoothly in October or November.)

Gelding and Aftercare

I've always preferred late fall for gelding my yearling horses. In our area, during October and November, the last fly is gone and the temperatures are cooler but not yet cold so it is an ideal time for reducing post surgical complications of swelling and contamination.

Usually by November, yearling colts are 18 months old so they have had plenty of time to develop but not enough time yet to get into trouble !

Sherlock was gelded here at the ranch and I've posted a few photos of his gelding in the continuation of Sherlock's page.

To read why to geld, what is done during the surgery, and how to take care of your new gelding after the surgery, go here

That's it for this month. Remember to take the time to enjoy your horse. After all, that's the reason most of us got into horses in the first place!

Keep your mind in the middle and a leg on each side.

" He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on."
- Benjamin Franklin


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